There, I Fixed It

Turn it on Full Blast and See What Happens

hoses sinks funny - 7592469760


internet Kludge lol plastic Professional At Work zip tie - 3607404800

Kid's! The Pool's Fixed!

holding it up kids pool summer - 4933698304
Created by Jen410

Whoever Thought of This Must Have a Head Full of Hot Air

Canada - 6892193024
Created by Masakyst

When You Run Out of Bricks

cars dual use holding it up theft - 5620020736
Created by Unknown

What if the Junk IS the Trunk?

junk junk in the trunk trunk - 6381221120
Created by Unknown

No Shower Hooks, No Problem

shower coat hanger hanger - 6741223424
Created by AriRisky

Dude, Roll The Window Down!

bathroom car door dual use wtf - 5151257856
Created by phantommullet

If There are House Boats, I See No Reason Why Not Pool Boats

rust pools funny boats g rated there I fixed it - 7685577472
Via Focus

Hit the Ground Driving

pipe - 6743336960
Created by deceroi.julien

In Case of Flash Floods

boat dual use flood thailand - 5402144256
Created by bassaholic

Building a Staircase From Pipes

pipes staircase - 6087047168
Created by facusan77

Reception is a Little Screwy

radio reception screwdriver - 6008770304
Created by Ben Brunelle

My Wife Hates It When I Pee in the Shower

bathroom shower toilet urinal - 6452145408
Created by Geesus

Would It Count As a Home Invasion or Grand Theft Auto?

rednecks trailers truck wtf - 4348112640
Created by F4DM

For More "Efficient" Shopping

shopping there I fixed it - 7984346880
Created by dmknight79
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