There, I Fixed It

Modified For Wyoming Winters

bulldozer car dual use frankenstein - 5153712384
Created by Pete Whiting

Refill Accomplished

hand sanitizer funny - 7534110720
Created by docventure934

Nobody's Gonna Steal That Bike!

bike lock bike theft - 7082807552
Created by Unknown

Walmart Does NOT Want This Stolen!

Walmart ps3 - 7131314944
Created by BassBastard

"Hey, It's Non-Conductive"

computer repairs gpu holding it up - 5055106816
Created by Jeramie


toilet urinal - 5943073280
Created by Unknown

Time for a Hot Shower!

plumbing shower funny g rated there I fixed it - 7408061696
Created by LOLdogexpert

Kassette Kludge: Guess You Gotta Do Something With Them

dual use lighting not a kludge tapes - 4878170880
Created by Unknown

The Desktop Laptop

desktop laptop - 6172038144
Created by Unknown


food Hall of Fame Inception meta - 4641342208
Created by jeffrykeen

Legs > Wheels

chassis theft towing wtf - 4866979840
Created by Snake73

What Do You Call 4 Hoses and 1 Wrench?

plumber hoses water wrench g rated there I fixed it - 7706863616
Created by Kelley71111

Kiddie Kruisin' in Style

car toy car - 6335185664
Created by Phil


dust straw vacuum - 4091981824
Created by Unknown

Minimalist Fix

art duct tape road tax dollars at work - 4544310016
Created by Unknown

There's a hole in the road.

cone pothole funny - 7439565056
Created by Unknown
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