There, I Fixed It

Thanks, Mr. Bitey!

cell phone charging clothes pin wtf - 5704669696
By fefuts

He Didn't Pay The Troll Toll

bridge dangerous DIY tax dollars at work - 4998454016
By NestorMunoz


Cheezburger Image 4111213824
By DragoGT

Empty Nest Syndrome? Solved

chicken wire recycling duct tape funny - 7649828864
Via Brooder


divorce duct tape sign - 3145294848
By Unknown

The Trunk Thieves Strike Again

cars its-a-truck-now woody wtf - 4690429440
By Unknown
Hall of Fame Mad Science Monday Video - 24031489

Mad Science Monday: How To Make a Nuclear Reactor

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Look Ingmar, No Hands!

ikea - 5901506560
By Unknown

The Ultimate Child Safety Lock?

cars duct tape there I fixed it - 7857673728
By Jon

Nothing Like That Morning Cup Of Spaghetti

clever coffee pot cooking g rated noodles there I fixed it - 5943237632
By Unknown

Sorry Officer, Those Papers Are in my Other File Truck

cabinet cars office supplies trucks wtf - 4541286912
By Kelli Breuklander

Hot Dog Immersion Cooker

cooking electricity safety first wtf - 5050763264
By Unknown

Can We Fix It?

out of order - 6453569024
By bethells (Via The New Zealand Herald)


facepalm lawn mower lazy - 3070501632
By Unknown

There, I Hung It!

signs there I fixed it - 7933910272
By Unknown

Klassik Kludges: Outta My Way!

bicycle bike chainsaw saw zombie apocalypse - 6301254912
By Unknown
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