There, I Fixed It


flip flops Kludge Music poles Professional At Work technology - 3720437760
By Unknown

How Construction Workers Celebrate the Season

christmas christmas tree santa claus - 6850756352
By Unknown

Improved Valve Handle

valve pipes wrench - 7130598144
By samaroo

This is Fixed for the Long Haul

car fix car engine car fail g rated there I fixed it - 7003958016
By AZtravelers
cars tricycles funny - 51314433

Tricycle Minivan

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Gotta Hand it to Them. . .

art funny - 7575500288
By eeveedude632 (Via Cheezburger iOS Builder)

What Has Science Done!

frankenstein pencil school staples - 5171524864
By Felipe V.
russia meanwhile in russia oversize loads Video - 42748673

Oversize Loads: Hay, Where Ya Goin'?

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The Opposite of Athlete's Foot

can dual use poll shoes soda string weird - 4795887360
By Unknown

The Portable Electro-Battery-Airhorn

air horn battery - 6274550272
By osvaldoljunior


frankenstein mod transportation - 3271961088
By Unknown

Never Trust the Stock Locks

locks car repair - 7311075584
By Unknown


Inception - 7150684928
By Unknown


car stereo dashboard dock ipod - 4028166400
By 7thDirection

Squirt Directly Into Your Mouth

dual use food Hall of Fame poll - 5174216192
By Unknown

Well There's Your Problem

brakes cars duct tape suspension - 5345590784
By KidNickels
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