There, I Fixed It


I'm Sorry, This Burner is Taken

cooking kludge kitchen stove wtf - 5838747648
By Unknown

They Couldn't Figure Out a Way To Segway This Product To Market

awesome product cars dual use segway trailers wtf - 4717182720
By Ed Buckles

What Is This Thing?

screwdriver tools wtf - 4583691264
By rhiannonthewolf

When Low on Duct Tape, Foil Can Be Used As A Substitute

bumper repairs cars trucks wtf - 4472460288
By bilkat

Oh Come On, It Has at Least a Few Hours Left

holding it up Professional At Work wtf - 5513849856
By Jannick (Via


Mad Science Monday tractor wtf - 3725076992
By Unknown

Is Your Fridge Running?

dangerous driving fridge moving day wtf - 5074689024
By CaffeineCarl

DIY Rocking Chair or Extreme Sled?

cars dangerous poll wtf - 4482170368
By Unknown

Just Go Behind The Tree

bathroom Professional At Work toilet wtf - 4505972992
By orenBoren

Almost There, UK!

Hall of Fame plumbing sink wtf - 5815580928
By Leano

Dorm Move-In Day

college moving day safety first wtf - 5164118016
By NetDope

Hydro-Pyro-Electric Power

Apple product camping ipod wtf - 4900434944
By Unknown

Eastern Europe Attempts a Dakar Rally

cars horse tractor wtf - 5457925376
By Unknown

The Dreaded 3rd World Boot

boot cars locked tires wheel wtf - 4704587008
By Unknown

I'm Only Making One Trip

moving day overkill trucks wtf - 4977693696
By kodiak

Mad Science Monday: Let The Grand Adventure Begin

asia cars Mad Science Monday no idea Travel wtf - 4553398528
By Unknown