There, I Fixed It


Don't Drink and Weld

bicycle crazy welding wtf - 4520764160
By metaphil

I'd Rather Not Know Where That's Coming From

hose plumbing shower wtf - 4720982016
By krodiak
cars dangerous Video wiper wtf - 14123777

Bringing Manual Wiper To A Whole New Level

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String Theory. You Wouldn't Understand.

clock DIY timer wtf - 4368635904
By snafu4685

Ventilation Suspension

dual use holding it up tools wtf - 4745783808
By Jay

Kludging Takes It's Toll on Even The Strongest of Us

broken hammer tools wtf - 4443480576
By Unknown

Opting For Rear A/C Was a Poor Choice

air conditioner cars poll redirect wtf - 5284461056
By Unknown

Manual Eject Never Works Right

computer repair dual use wtf - 4965342976
By Unknown

Kevin McAllister is Getting Really Sick of Burglars

guns holding it up PVC wtf - 4338162688
By silverpathic

After a Daring Escape, Extension Cord is Very Tired

extension cord outlet plug wtf - 5097069056
By elfo222

I Think You're Missing Something

balance driving tractor wtf - 5064668160
By -Ghost-

I'm Not Going To Be The First One To Try This

electricity extension cord outlet safety first wtf - 4809576704
By zebulonjohn

Regular, Premium or Bucket?

cars gasoline Professional At Work south america wtf - 4538595840
By geha714

He Wanted A Scooter For His 10th Birthday

abomineering scooter wtf - 4583346944
By TallBikeMike

It's Got That Great Gasoline and Plywood Taste

barbecue bbq MAD SCIENCE wtf - 4417564928
By Rebecca

Lawnmowers on Parade

dual use lawnmower overkill wtf - 5117560832
By Unknown