There, I Fixed It


Mad Science Monday: I Think You Broke Moore's Law

Mad Science Monday wtf - 5243268096
Created by Unknown

Some Undercover Cops Are More Obvious Than Others

cars lawnmower moving day trunk wtf - 5290774784
Created by Jeff

These New Years Cycles Confuse Me

bicycle neat not a kludge wtf - 5701838080
Via willsfca

Never Give In To U-Haul!

cars moving day stereo wtf - 5106557696
Created by Unknown

You Might Want To Change Your Office Name

bubble wrap door Professional At Work wtf - 4541684480
Created by Unknown

Rear Woodow

its-a-truck-now towing woody wtf - 4716861440
Created by ever1ast

Some Things Aren't Worth Fixing

dual use electricity frankenstein lamp wtf - 4510535168
Created by Unknown


cautionary fail ladders pickup wtf - 4221803776
Created by thevictim

Is There a Smudge on My Windshield?

cars dangerous safety first trucks weird windshield wtf - 4804770816
Created by Emma


bicycle Mad Science Monday moped wtf - 4296006912
Created by Unknown

Acid Refix Syndrome

battery dangerous toothbrush wtf - 4756076544
Created by Abdullah Jalal

Mad Science Monday: The Ladder Monster Awaits

ladders MAD SCIENCE Mad Science Monday wtf - 4367778048
Created by Unknown

Lithuanians Don't Share The Road

bicycle car door cars dual use wtf - 4746754816

Mad Science Monday: So That's What HDD Platters Look Like

computers Mad Science Monday Music wtf - 4521541120
Created by Unknown

This DEFINITELY Isn't Used for Kidnapping

car repair locked up trunk wtf - 4871019264
Created by Adam

Good Thing He Has All That Insurance

bumper repair cars weird wtf - 4798894080
Created by kay salsbury
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