There, I Fixed It


Manual Eject Never Works Right

computer repair dual use wtf - 4965342976
By Unknown

Sorry Officer, Those Papers Are in my Other File Truck

cabinet cars office supplies trucks wtf - 4541286912
By Kelli Breuklander

Engineering Students, Ready To Move In

cars college dangerous moving towing wtf - 4545207296
By eric_c

Don't Pull The Wrong One

eastern europe plumbing toilet wtf - 5573455616
By Unknown

The Unwobbable

chairs furniture holding it up wtf - 5478681600
By buildinatree
electricity extension cord house Video wtf - 16650241


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I Think You're Missing Something

balance driving tractor wtf - 5064668160
By -Ghost-

Some Quadruplets Have Unhealthy Relationships

abomination bicycle wtf - 4266146816
By Unknown

There's Something Wrong With Your Chandelier

dual use lights wtf - 5263542528
By Yana

Good Ol' Rock. Nothing Beats That!

hammer holding it up tools wtf - 5164164608
By Jme


Mad Science Monday tricycle wtf - 3835107840
By Unknown

Comes With a Free Reservoir!

cars cooling engine mechanic wtf - 4777559808
By cj5bean

Hummer Is Getting a Bit Lazy With Their Designs

cars tarp truck woody wtf - 4855737600
By Snake73

At Least It's Nice and Colorful

home improvement house paint wtf - 4828066560
By Unknown

So That's How Egypt Shut Off the Phones

cell phones clothing locked up wtf - 4444311808
By Unknown

Mad Science Monday: The Ladder Monster Awaits

ladders MAD SCIENCE Mad Science Monday wtf - 4367778048
By Unknown
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