There, I Fixed It


Hey, At Least It Still Has a Roll Cage

chair construction dual use Professional At Work wtf - 4718702336
By Casey

At Least You're Honest

adapter computer repair USB wtf - 5091996672
Via Reddit


hospital MAD SCIENCE medical Professional At Work wtf - 3737480960
By Unknown

You Could Probably Use One or Two More

overkill plumbing sink wtf zip ties - 4545834496
By ArneSalvesen

Working Hard

Hall of Fame Professional At Work tools wtf - 5850198784
By Unknown

Too Much Kludge To Handle

electricity lamps wiring wtf - 4497154304
By KraftyKitten

Meanwhile, In Missouri

school bus welding wtf - 4971830272
By AnnMarie Nichols

It's Got That Great Gasoline and Plywood Taste

barbecue bbq MAD SCIENCE wtf - 4417564928
By Rebecca

Noah Realized he Needed a Bigger Boat

animals boat poll Professional At Work transportation wtf - 4598439424
By SR1977 (Via

When Low on Duct Tape, Foil Can Be Used As A Substitute

bumper repairs cars trucks wtf - 4472460288
By bilkat

Objects on Highway Are Stupider Than They Appear

cars Hall of Fame moving day overkill wtf - 4315742720
By masonhoff

Most People Just Listen To Music...

apple chores ipad ipod lawn mower wtf - 4550833664
By Unknown

They Told Me I Could Be Anything

cars safety first towing wtf - 5135987456
By mikey

'Twas The Highlight of My Day

car engine pen wtf - 4359878400
By pesud0karma

You've Been Served

computer repair laptop server wtf - 5659525376
By Rob Masters

Multi-tasking vehicle

abomineering cars dual use rv wtf - 4552482048
By Pete
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