There, I Fixed It


Foiled Again!

air conditioner bad puns Professional At Work wtf - 4486465280
By Unknown

Some Undercover Cops Are More Obvious Than Others

cars lawnmower moving day trunk wtf - 5290774784
By Jeff

Real Men Ride Across

bridge motorcycle safety first wtf - 5002164736
By NestorMunoz

Oh That's an Interesting... Wait What?

electricity outlet wtf - 5696582912
By Unknown

There's Something Wrong With Your Chandelier

dual use lights wtf - 5263542528
By Yana


brakes cautionary fail driving wrench wtf - 4132604160
By Unknown

Portable, You Say?

computer case laptop library wtf - 5076408320
By Unknown

Some Things Aren't Worth Fixing

dual use electricity frankenstein lamp wtf - 4510535168
By Unknown

Mad Science Monday: So That's What HDD Platters Look Like

computers Mad Science Monday Music wtf - 4521541120
By Unknown

Cool Stairs, Bro

fan holding it up stairs wtf - 3763100416
By PBsforlife

Bike and Pony Show

animals bicycle driving wtf - 4659061248
By danielnerytondo
cars dangerous Video wiper wtf - 14123777

Bringing Manual Wiper To A Whole New Level

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The Dreaded 3rd World Boot

boot cars locked tires wheel wtf - 4704587008
By Unknown

HD Antenna

antenna MAD SCIENCE television wtf - 4391827456
By Unknown

Bees Don't Know How To Repair Anything

cables messy wtf - 5015614976
By Unknown

Where To, Miss?

lawnmower towing wtf - 4991727872
By Unknown