There, I Fixed It

there I fixed it

cooking cutting board g rated there I fixed it - 47158273

Cut Cherry Tomatoes Real Quick-Like!

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There, I Screwed It

funny there I fixed it screws - 7795746304
Via Nostalgia and Exoticism

The Threat Has Been Neutralized

spiders boxes funny there I fixed it - 7737586944
Created by Allison

Your Neighbor Complained About the Gutter Draining Onto the Sidewalk?

drainage pipes there I fixed it - 7825799424
Created by benburd ( Via Cheezburger iOS Builder )

Structural Engineering Gets a Rustic Makeover

wood there I fixed it - 7832085760
Created by Hannah Sacks

There I Fixed It: If You Can't Buy It, Build It

apple DIY Hall of Fame ipad neat there I fixed it win - 5550791424
Created by Incontroll ( Via China Daily )

No Rings? No Problem.

hangers shower curtain there I fixed it - 7843372800
Created by Tyler Pansa

Well Duh!

wrong way g rated there I fixed it - 6998314752

Problem Solved

there I fixed it velcro g rated - 7978866944
Created by Unknown

Save Water!

washing machine bathroom toilet g rated there I fixed it - 6808318464
Created by titifraise

A Much More Important Warning

signs there I fixed it - 8009443328
Via Izismile

Hose Pipe Security

garden hose funny there I fixed it - 7714184960
Created by mooseza ( Via Cheezburger iOS Builder )

PVC Pipe Beds

PVC pipes g rated there I fixed it - 6922678784
Created by Jonathan Harchick

Those Zombies Wont Know What Hit 'Em!

cell phone g rated Hall of Fame nokia peanut phone there I fixed it zombie apocalypse zombie - 6423257088
Via Reddit

Fixed With Love

cars there I fixed it side mirrors - 7992138752
Via Izismile

Be Prepared...But Don't Do It

signs road work there I fixed it - 7844636160
Created by quarterjew