There, I Fixed It

there I fixed it

There, They Fixed It

notes there I fixed it - 7975171072
Via Dump a Day

Don't Trust a Carabiner? Zip Tie It!

there I fixed it zip ties - 7947893760
Created by Unknown

Sometimes You Don't Even Have Duct Tape

windows cars cardboard there I fixed it - 7871290880
Created by Unknown

TIFI WIN: French Man Stranded in the Moroccan Desert Remodels His Own Car Into a Motorcycle, Becomes Eternal Badass

g rated Hall of Fame there I fixed it tifi win - 6393305088
Created by Haunebu ( Via The Daily Mail )

Just Build Around It

walls workaround there I fixed it - 7862212096
Created by Tobi Wan Kenobi ( Via )

That's One Way to Take Care of It

pump there I fixed it flood - 7796108800
Created by bbdo

Now We Can Go Swimming All Year!

swimming pools fire there I fixed it g rated - 7881009664
Created by anselmbe
lawn mower win there I fixed it - 75974657

The Future of Yard Work is Here

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Ermahgerd a Ferd!

cars funny g rated there I fixed it - 7604177920

Eh, Still Works

there I fixed it forks - 7884905728
Created by chenn

Sure, I Can Baby-Sit

motorcycles there I fixed it bungee cords - 7925615872
Via Izismile

Lazy Keyboard Fix

scotch tape funny there I fixed it keyboard - 7808004608
Created by foxhead128

Empty Case of Beer = Fixed Windshield

pickup truck windshield duct tape funny cardboard there I fixed it - 7746171904
Created by Lenore Brown

Start the New Year Off With a Clean Stove

cleaning there I fixed it stoves - 7983174400
Via amandal0514

I'm Sorry, I Can't Hear the Music Over the Sound of My Awesome Kludge

g rated Hall of Fame iphone phone there I fixed it toilet paper - 6427776768
Created by Bob

Better Question: Is It Even a Thing?

hammer duct tape g rated there I fixed it - 7042290944
Created by Unknown
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