There, I Fixed It

there I fixed it

Multiple Barriers Don't Result in Greater Protection

rope road work funny there I fixed it - 7773854208

Well, the Handle Isn't Iced Over Anymore...

cars ice there I fixed it - 7963648768
Via Izismile

My Car Had an Owie

band aid g rated there I fixed it - 6120813312

And the Point Is?

computer laptop shovel USB g rated there I fixed it - 6983817216
Via Modding

After 20 Minutes it Doubles as a Heater

electrical fire g rated Hall of Fame laziness lightbulb safety first there I fixed it - 5764640768


convertible cars funny there I fixed it umbrella - 7801273088
Created by djfilthyd

Doesn't That Wall Look Much Better Now?

there I fixed it windows - 7925579776
Via Pleated Jeans

It May Be 115 Degrees Outside, But at Least I Have Cookies...

g rated Hall of Fame heat wave there I fixed it - 6382190592

Just Build Around It

walls workaround there I fixed it - 7862212096

Frying Pan Fix

there I fixed it - 7936756992
Created by Unknown

1) That's the Freezer 2) Have You Tried Opening It?

refrigerators ac fridge funny air conditioner g rated there I fixed it - 7625901056

Engineering at Its Finest

laptops there I fixed it duct tape - 7939441152
Created by Unknown

Convertibles Are Kind of Like Pickup Trucks, Right?

FAIL there I fixed it g rated - 7387097088
Created by erhelm ( Via Cheezburger iOS Builder )

This is Fixed for the Long Haul

car fix car engine car fail g rated there I fixed it - 7003958016
Created by AZtravelers

Four Cent Fix

batteries pennies there I fixed it - 7965455360
Via Acid Cow

Dryer's Fixed!

dryer hinge there I fixed it - 7854141696
Created by Unknown
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