There, I Fixed It

there I fixed it

There, I Opened It

funny there I fixed it - 7802138368
Created by scr00chy

Look at This Freaking Knife

g rated Hall of Fame knife not a kludge overkill there I fixed it - 5702857472
Via Hammacher Schlemmer

No More Stolen Toilet Paper

locks there I fixed it toilet paper - 7937976320
Via Izismile

Iz Reddy Fur Sno

small car snow plow g rated there I fixed it - 6846339840
Created by ToolBee

Glad That Was Cleared Up

there I fixed it - 7980381440
Created by Unknown

TIFI WIN: French Man Stranded in the Moroccan Desert Remodels His Own Car Into a Motorcycle, Becomes Eternal Badass

g rated Hall of Fame there I fixed it tifi win - 6393305088
Created by Haunebu ( Via The Daily Mail )

Hate Refilling Your Printer Cartridges?

there I fixed it g rated - 7866140160
Created by tetaplah.b.ami

Lost a Wheel?

funny there I fixed it wheels desk chair - 7712573184
Created by SquirrelRacer49

Sure, I Can Baby-Sit

motorcycles there I fixed it bungee cords - 7925615872
Via Izismile

Why CLEAN the Droppings...

plastic wrap there I fixed it - 7933760512
Created by ozlolmom

Need an 8' Stepladder?

ladders funny there I fixed it - 7784103680
Created by marctobolski

They Replaced the Empty Roll...

there I fixed it toilet paper - 7982109440
Created by Unknown

No Money Left For a Laptop Case?

pizza box funny there I fixed it - 7801059328
Created by mexican_eddie
videos there I fixed it - 49796097

This Single-Pole Treehouse is So Cool, it Deserves its Own Rap

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Smart Men Rent a U-Haul

cars moving funny g rated there I fixed it - 7686143232
Created by Unknown

Did... Did You Just Print Out a Picture of a Headlight?

headlights car repairs g rated there I fixed it - 7353143296
Created by Unknown
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