There, I Fixed It


Stay Cool, Bro

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By Unknown

Have an Old Laptop?

cheese apple laptop - 6809043200
By Giorgio Pallone

Size Doesn't Matter

computer laptop laptop screen - 6879716608
By Sandman45654

Toasted Flatbread

battery bread laptop - 5967053568
By Unknown

MacBook Air "Picture Frame"

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By Unknown


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By Unknown

The Word's Most Expensive Microwave

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Via Bit Rebels

Must Be a Barebones Kit

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By Stephen Hamilton

The 800-Dollar Hat

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By Mr. Distracted

When You See It...

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By Sevi

High Quality Speaker Cone

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By Unknown

Peek-A-Boo! I CPU!

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By calrich345

I Can't Imagine How It Broke

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By a_sheppard

Because He Can, That's Why

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By Unknown

Dubstep in a Nutshell

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By Unknown

Fruit of the Loom Might Object

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By Unknown