There, I Fixed It


Laptop Repair Level: College Student

box cardboard cardboard box college student g rated laptop there I fixed it - 6134077184
By Unknown

Screen Replacement

computer laptop laptop screen - 6832711168
By pichouss

When Your Wireless Mouse Receiver Doesn't Quite Fit

laptop duct tape funny there I fixed it - 7799101952
By Unknown

Until the Replacement Hinges for My Laptop Arrive...

hinges laptop laptop screen wood - 6354169600
By tcburgerpants

Hope Your Arms Are Long

computer cooling fans holding it up laptop - 5550106880
By Szeca (Via

At Least There's a Numpad Now

computer repair keyboard laptop - 5603240192
By Marcos Castro


hinge laptop make it work mod - 2984637696
Via Instructables

Winner of The Kludgiest Case

cardboard computer repair fire hazard laptop - 4577750272
By Unknown

Coffee + Laptop = One Sad Keyboard

coffee laptop keyboard - 6736874752
By 3dglasses

Convenient Laptop Cooling Tower

ac air conditioning cooling laptop - 6610384384
By Penfold (Via Penfold Labs)

The Indoor Patio Roof Leak Fix

computer laptop leak patio roof server - 6439947776
By pete_nsh

Want DVD Players in the Headrests?

bungee cord g rated Hall of Fame laptop there I fixed it - 6475964160
By Unknown

Computer Case Laptop Table

computer computer case laptop - 7074123776
By Unknown

Half Laptop, Half Desktop

computer computer monitor desktop Hall of Fame laptop monitor - 6474743552
By Fredzorr

He Did It For The Owl

computer repair cooling laptop - 4469364992
By Sara

The Dellbook Pro

computer Dell desktop ebay laptop macbook Macbook pro - 6297960192
By Unknown