There, I Fixed It


Curiously Strong Kludge

apple products dual use laptop - 4913080064
By Scruffy

So THAT's How You Use Chopsticks

chopsticks computer repair dual use laptop - 4774807296
By NewtonsApple

That's How We Cool Our HDD'S

water bottle laptop funny there I fixed it - 7597719808
By Manolis_Pappou

The Indoor Patio Roof Leak Fix

computer laptop leak patio roof server - 6439947776
By pete_nsh


charger laptop battery cable power cord battery laptop cord - 6850398464
By neasneedles

So That's What 'S' Video Stands For

cable computer repair laptop wires wtf - 4746381056
By Unknown

Laptop Cooling Unit

ac battery cooler cooling fan laptop laptop battery - 6559229440
By OmegaRageMaster

The Dellbook Pro

computer Dell desktop ebay laptop macbook Macbook pro - 6297960192
By Unknown

This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things

laptop computer - 6462738432
By CatnAsh

Technology Addiction

apple bicycle bike laptop macbook - 6321152512
By Unknown

Toasted Flatbread

battery bread laptop - 5967053568
By Unknown

Kludgers! A Call to Arms!

facebook laptop treadmill workout - 6234370048
By Unknown

He Doesn't Even Have Enough Money to Buy a Table! So Sad...

apple laptop mac macbook Macbook pro - 6585054976
By Unknown

HAH. Mine is "15.4" Inches.

laptop laptop screen screen - 6891593216
By Cwazywazy

Dubstep in a Nutshell

computer repair laptop - 5378469120
By Unknown


food laptop overheating - 4067314944
By Madame-Guillotine