There, I Fixed It


Privacy and/or Cooling Fix

cardboard computer laptop - 4273358848

Half Laptop, Half Desktop

computer computer monitor desktop Hall of Fame laptop monitor - 6474743552
By Fredzorr

The Best Use For a Mac Yet!

Apple product computer dual use food laptop - 4799784192
By Unknown

Have an Old Laptop?

cheese apple laptop - 6809043200
By Giorgio Pallone

Curiously Strong Kludge

apple products dual use laptop - 4913080064
By Scruffy

Unhinged and High-Strung

computer laptop - 7434045440
By MikeOShay

When You See It...

college computer Hall of Fame keyboard laptop - 6422343424
By Sevi

Peek-A-Boo! I CPU!

computer cpu laptop - 7039706624
By calrich345

I Got a Grip!

glue gun hot glue laptop - 6149939968
By Doppel

Charger Cord and Power Box: A "Short" Story

laptop battery laptop - 6746039808
By the1stfall

Strapped for Cash?

broken screen duct tape hinges laptop screen - 6147290624
By deathert


Dell wood laptop funny there I fixed it computers - 7605151232
By AnthonyRalano

The iCam, Only $299.99

computer repair laptop technology webcam - 5135866880
By Unknown

This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things

laptop computer - 6462738432
By CatnAsh

Want DVD Players in the Headrests?

bungee cord g rated Hall of Fame laptop there I fixed it - 6475964160
By Unknown

Fruit of the Loom Might Object

apple banana laptop mac macbook - 6596287488
By Unknown