There, I Fixed It


We Need 2/3 Power!

computers dangerous electricity laptop wiring - 4394329600
By Unknown

Looks Like She Got Half My Stuff...

divorce hard drive laptop - 6436317440
By moldymac

Emergency Cooling at Its Finest

air conditioning cooling ergonomics fan laptop - 6164154112
By rostavtz


bathroom computer laptop shower - 4104858880
By Unknown

The Desktop Laptop

desktop laptop - 6172038144
By Unknown

This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things

laptop computer - 6462738432
By CatnAsh

Cooling The Owie

computer repair cooling laptop - 5134279936
By scott


charger laptop battery cable power cord battery laptop cord - 6850398464
By neasneedles

Laptop Cooling Unit

ac battery cooler cooling fan laptop laptop battery - 6559229440
By OmegaRageMaster


cell phone laptop reception - 3692032256
By Unknown

You've Been Served

computer repair laptop server wtf - 5659525376
By Rob Masters

Another Use For Overpriced Bricks

apple apple products holding it up laptop - 4879071232
By Unknown

Size Doesn't Matter

computer laptop laptop screen - 6879716608
By Sandman45654

Toasted Flatbread

battery bread laptop - 5967053568
By Unknown

That's How We Cool Our HDD'S

water bottle laptop funny there I fixed it - 7597719808
By Manolis_Pappou

I Can't Imagine How It Broke

computers holding it up laptop - 5509344000
By a_sheppard
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