There, I Fixed It


You Said the Lot Needed More Parking Spots

FAIL parking lot funny there I fixed it - 7444722688
Created by Jeremy Leis

Screen Door Sub

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Created by HappyLOLDay ( Via )

Easiest Ikea Hacks Ever

furniture ikea funny - 7409338112
Created by engleshen ( Via )

Holy Spoilers, Batman!

batmobile cars batman funny - 7670173184
Created by Unknown

Ready to ROCK

guitars spoons funny - 7552371712
Created by ToshiroK.Arai

I Knew We Stole All Those Chairs for a Reason

funny g rated there I fixed it - 7691516928
Created by Kelley71111

Plumbers Cost Money, But Kludging is Free

bathroom humor funny toilets - 7677606912
Created by oscar mayer1

Fixed the Windshield AND Got New Customers!

cars windshield duct tape funny there I fixed it - 7725404160
Created by Username_666

Yeah, See, If It's Not Facing Traffic, It's Still Broken

traffic lights duct tape funny - 7616778752
Created by kristaj1994

All Furniture Deserves the Chance to Fly

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Created by tonytiger

How to Reuse a Soup Can

exhaust funny there I fixed it - 7736593408
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It's Important to Use a Matching Bungee

mirror DIY funny - 3765928704
Created by Unknown

Vacuum Kludge

vacuum cleaner Kludge funny vacuum there I fixed it - 7570086912
Created by IBLESE

It's Great That They Put in a Hand Rail, But...

FAIL funny there I fixed it g rated - 7405645824
Created by solo-espero

It's a "Pencil Sharpener"

pencil funny tape - 7446118400
Created by Unknown


lamp post Gravity duct tape funny - 7579739136
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