There, I Fixed It


For Heavy-Duty Fixes: Duct Tape AND Staples

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Created by Joe

I Kinda Wanna See What Would Happen if I Put Fruit in There

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Created by d

It's 101 Degrees. Slap Another Ice Pack on There.

fans funny air conditioners - 7685253376
Created by Unknown

Jacuzzi or Human Stew?

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Created by Unknown

Bacon: The Edible Duct Tape

tools duct tape funny bacon g rated there I fixed it - 7541189376
Created by Unknown

In My Woody I Will Take You Everywhere I Go

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Created by Unknown

That Fixes...Something?

duct tape funny there I fixed it - 7748688896
Via fr1ck-y0u

Broken Fountain? No Prob. Lemme Just Stop By The Museum Real Quick.

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Created by Unknown

Quick Projector Fix

milk crate glasses projector funny tape there I fixed it - 7781966336
Created by Unknown

Now to Find Something For That Dent

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I'm Sure it Glides Like a Dream

office chair pvc pipe funny - 7533862912
Created by Unknown

Even The Driver Wants to Call Shotgun

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Created by DoctorTwo

That Should Keep Them Out

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Created by Unknown

It's Alright, You Don't Need to See Out the Right Anyway

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Created by Unknown

I Ran Out of Shelves, So I Just Nailed Them to the Wall

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Created by Unknown

I'm on a Duct Tape Boat

duct tape funny boats - 7655326720
Created by Unknown