There, I Fixed It


Being Neighborly Fail

neighbors drainage gutters funny there I fixed it - 7453868288
Created by hickabilly ( Via Cheezburger iOS Builder )

Jacuzzi or Human Stew?

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Created by Unknown

On the Foundations of Those Before You

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Created by zendicky

I'm on a Duct Tape Boat

duct tape funny boats - 7655326720
Created by Unknown

Don't Worry, They're Tied Down Really Tightly

FAIL cars mattresses moving funny there I fixed it - 7486040320
Created by mk


computers funny there I fixed it duct tape - 7435889408
Created by Josephdalepi ( Via )

What Came First: The Idea or the Hole?

holes exercise roofs funny - 7558349056
Created by Unknown

Capacitor at Capacity

computers funny - 7555851008
Created by Conundrum1859

Uh Oh, It's Raining. . . Get the Broom

windshield wipers funny - 7519211008
Created by Unknown

Parcel Tape - The Less Committed Tape

cars funny tape - 7685647872
Created by BELzEBUB

Gotta Hand it to Them. . .

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Created by eeveedude632 ( Via Cheezburger iOS Builder )

Once You Pop, You Can Also Shoot People

pringles funny weapons - 7603964416
Created by Nihtgenga

Towels Make Good Insulators, Right?

car window towels cars funny there I fixed it - 7733453312
Created by Eyellgeteven ( Via )

A Cool Fix

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I Knew This Phone Would Be Useful Again

furniture funny - 7635038720
Created by Unknown

Trust me, This'll be Faster

transportation construction funny - 7541790976
Created by Unknown