There, I Fixed It


What's More Surprising: That This Can Still Receive Calls or That it's Not a Smart Phone?

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Created by Unknown

Every Pool Needs a Ladder

swimming pool funny there I fixed it - 7588196352
Created by fudosin

An Organic Solution

lawnmowers funny - 7462799104
Created by Jack Cass

Good as New

zip ties flashlights cars tape there I fixed it funny - 7726326528
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Mom Won't Buy You a Scooter?

scooters DIY funny - 7625903104
Created by Unknown

No Tux, No Problem

duct tape funny there I fixed it halloween - 7824741888
Created by Chris Britnell

Broken Couch? Breaking Dawn!

couches funny - 7530928128
Created by TrishtheStalker

Need a Repair? Let Me Lace Up.

repairs funny - 7629395712
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Door Stopper/Slicer

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Created by Cindy

Tie One On

pickup truck funny there I fixed it - 7722739456
Created by Amy Carlson

The Mythbusters Confirmed It!

plane duct tape there I fixed it funny g rated - 7709488640
Created by Unknown

Frankentruck? Frankenvan?

pickup truck van funny there I fixed it - 7540744192
Created by ChrisChagares

He'll Buy a New One When He's Flush

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Created by Unknown

The Red Baron

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This Access Cover Rocks!

rocks funny there I fixed it - 7798630400
Created by reedlawson

Kitchen Hood Mounting

computers kitchen funny there I fixed it - 7783846656
Created by jathurst86