There, I Fixed It


Even Princesses Have Day Jobs

duct tape funny g rated there I fixed it - 6436061696
Created by uhh805

I Couldn't Connect My Laptop to the Printer...

laptop funny there I fixed it printer g rated - 7730029568
Created by anselmbe

Yeah, "Clearance 12 Feet" Isn't a Joke

funny trucks - 7600422400
Created by texascableguy

Dinner's Ready, Guys!

funny g rated - 7648773120
Created by DoctorTwo

What's More Surprising: That This Can Still Receive Calls or That it's Not a Smart Phone?

repairs cell phones Electrical tape funny - 7537500672
Created by Unknown

Yeah, See, If It's Not Facing Traffic, It's Still Broken

traffic lights duct tape funny - 7616778752
Created by kristaj1994

The Mythbusters Confirmed It!

plane duct tape there I fixed it funny g rated - 7709488640
Created by Unknown

Keeping it Fresh

car windows broken funny saran wrap - 7512007424
Created by LyokoTravels

It's Still a Seat, Right?

couches funny - 7608099840
Created by Unknown

Player Fail

youtube funny there I fixed it - 7746431232
Created by fordps3

No More Tears

cords earbuds funny g rated there I fixed it - 7514765056
Created by Unknown

Increased Efficiency?

signs funny there I fixed it - 7456547072
Created by stoicjohn

Nature's Repairmen

nature leaves funny there I fixed it spiders g rated - 7803530752
Created by woodycanuck

How to Make an Air Conditioner

DIY funny - 7455656960
Created by Unknown

Shoes are Expensive, Yo

shoes funny paper clips - 7677082624
Created by Heather

Once You Pop, You Can Also Shoot People

pringles funny weapons - 7603964416
Created by Nihtgenga

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