There, I Fixed It


Tired of Waiting for the City to Fix the Roads?

duct tape funny roads g rated there I fixed it - 7586477824
Created by Unknown

The Geo Caravan

hatchback car funny - 7098696192
Created by erik.teichmann

Ready to ROCK

guitars spoons funny - 7552371712
Created by ToshiroK.Arai

Turn the Light on, You Can Play Tic Tac Toe on the Wall

cars duct tape funny trucks - 7582007808
Created by Scotty

Quick Projector Fix

milk crate glasses projector funny tape there I fixed it - 7781966336
Created by Unknown

Dinner's Ready, Guys!

funny g rated - 7648773120
Created by DoctorTwo

And You Can Still use the Coat Hangers for Steam Cleaning!

DIY funny - 7486384896
Created by Unknown

Cattle Gate

gates chairs funny there I fixed it - 7801719040
Created by Unknown

And You Said We'd Have to Wait to Use This Card

funny - 7455737856
Created by Unknown

You Want Your Pickup to Look a Little Sportier?

pickup truck FAIL car there I fixed it funny - 7752794880
Created by Jason

How to Help You Sing Better in the Shower...

shower g rated funny there I fixed it - 7439283456
Created by Unknown

Shoes are Expensive, Yo

shoes funny paper clips - 7677082624
Created by Heather

Hope This Isn't a Stick Shift as Well

cars broken funny - 7592473600
Created by Unknown

We Ran Out of Orange Cones, So...

funny parking - 7561308672
Created by Franzie

Patchwork Car

cars duct tape funny - 7650938624
Created by Unknown

Mrs. Kinally's Class is Missing a Chair

cars funny - 7446779136
Created by Unknown

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