There, I Fixed It


It Would Behoof You to Reshoe Your Horse

horses duct tape funny - 7579740160
Created by Unknown

You Can Hardly Tell the Difference

light fixture funny chain there I fixed it paper clips - 7761893888
Created by AdmiralCelestia ( Via Cheezburger iOS Builder )


convertible cars funny there I fixed it umbrella - 7801273088
Created by djfilthyd

Bottom of My Favorite Chair

chairs duct tape funny - 7675607552
Created by Unknown

Who Needs a Door Stop When You Have a Shake Weight?

door stop funny there I fixed it - 7383351552
Created by Janel

One Cinderblock Good, Two Cinderblocks Better.

spit bbq funny - 7578951936
Created by Steve Trueman
funny unproffessional "you had one job" moments | car wheel with the screws inserted in the wrong placements | water pooling around a street gutter that is too high up to drain it

"You Had One Job" Moments of Occupational Incompetence

Yeah, good enough.
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That Looks Secure

funny there I fixed it telephone pole - 7779080448
Created by cwclifford

Mercedes Winz

makeshift mercedes cars funny - 7652462848
Created by Arsinick

Not What I Meant By Picking the Lock

doors funny - 7635035392
Created by Unknown

A Cracked Mirror is Better Than Nothing

side mirror rubber band cars funny tape there I fixed it - 7445323520
Created by Unknown

The Kids INSISTED That They Needed a Sandbox

playground funny there I fixed it - 7744793088
Created by CCABt3 ( Via Cheezburger iOS Builder )

1200 Thread Count

cars funny there I fixed it - 7788335360
Created by MisterTrex

Fixing It With Itself

scotch tape funny tape - 7452519168
Created by Rich

When There is a Will, There is a Weigh

hangers clever food funny g rated there I fixed it - 7455652608
Created by Unknown

The Tank is on the Wrong Side, But I Dealt With It

FAIL gas station cars funny there I fixed it - 7814959616
Created by Unknown