There, I Fixed It


The Grill Master

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You Said, "Clean Out the Hard Drive". . .

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They Said the Parking Lot Wasn't Shady Enough

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Created by ELGPickle

Cap Stay on Good Now

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Overheating Solved!

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Bathroom, Library. Same thing.

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When We Hear Your Electrocuted Screams, We'll Know You're There

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How Do They Fix the Rest of the Plane?

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The Load Limit is Just a Suggestion, Right?

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Created by ChrisChagares

Guess Who Took the Embroidery Elective?

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Created by beernbiccies

Looks Can be Deceiving

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You Barely Notice

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Clearly We Are in the Presence of an Artisan

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Created by DoctorTwo

#1 Way to Make Fellow Drivers Sweat

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The Garbage Men Must Be Thrilled

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Created by amokoma

Empty Nest Syndrome? Solved

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