There, I Fixed It


Nature's Repairmen

nature leaves funny there I fixed it spiders g rated - 7803530752
By woodycanuck

Tired of Waiting for the City to Fix the Roads?

duct tape funny roads g rated there I fixed it - 7586477824
By Unknown

Hanger on, I'll Open a Window

hangers windows quick fix funny - 7494197248

Missing Jack? Edward Will Help.

car jack wheels funny - 7530545408

A Fantastic Repair

car repairs cars fans funny - 7683224832
By Unknown

Balance Washing Machine: Check!

washing machine beer can funny there I fixed it g rated - 7801742336
By Tiina1

Hope You Won't Have to Register That

license plates lawn mowers funny - 7542634240
By yellow_pac_man

Wall Extender

locks funny - 7603960576
By Nihtgenga
funny - 50807297

25 Accidental Inventions

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Go Home Truck, You're Drunk

funny trucks g rated there I fixed it - 7632755200
By AnassRhammar

Hey, It Works, Don't It?

faucets sinks binder clips funny tape - 7667282176
By Unknown

Gotta Hand it to Them. . .

art funny - 7575500288
By eeveedude632 (Via Cheezburger iOS Builder)
curtains DIY funny - 51617281

Classy New Kitchen Cabinet

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An Illuminating Fix

cars flashlight duct tape funny there I fixed it - 7740545792
By Unknown

A Multiuse Chip Clip

funny g rated there I fixed it - 7559124480
By steen93

Hang on, What are You Listening to?

Music coat hangers headphones funny - 7574201856
By bruce
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