There, I Fixed It


But What if I NEED Those Buttons?

masking tape funny there I fixed it - 7709494016

Wrapping a Brownie is Totally the Same as Wrapping a Structural Support Beam

funny saran wrap - 7693598720

We Will Soon Have a Failure to Communicate

telephone poles funny g rated there I fixed it - 7609102336
Created by Unknown

Next Time I Want the Pirate Wall Set

walls legos building funny - 7562234112

Funnel System

bathroom humor road cones funny toilets - 7608194304

Tiles and Tribulations

computers funny tiles - 7485710080

It's Great That They Put in a Hand Rail, But...

FAIL funny there I fixed it g rated - 7405645824
Created by solo-espero

Where Bottled Water Actually Comes From?

zip ties water bottle funny there I fixed it - 7709081856
motors funny there I fixed it Video g rated - 54850049

Everything's Better With Motors

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The Hole is Patched, Sure...

fence funny there I fixed it - 7713104128
Created by Unknown

Perfect Size

funny - 7626352384
Created by Lolbroccoli ( Via Cheezburger iOS Builder )

It's Like a Whole New Appliance Now

funny there I fixed it g rated - 7823041280
Via Niknaks Blog

The Phone Charger Blues

phones paperclips funny - 7605947648
Created by Unknown

What Came First: The Idea or the Hole?

holes exercise roofs funny - 7558349056

The Restaurant's Hours Changed, Go Adjust the Sign

sign restaurant funny there I fixed it - 7752524288
Created by Unknown
funny unproffessional "you had one job" moments | car wheel with the screws inserted in the wrong placements | water pooling around a street gutter that is too high up to drain it

"You Had One Job" Moments of Occupational Incompetence

Yeah, good enough.
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