There, I Fixed It

duct tape


bumper car duct tape headlight - 4184630272

Minimalist Fix

art duct tape road tax dollars at work - 4544310016

Mortar, Smortar, All I Need is Duct Tape

brick duct tape mailbox Professional At Work - 4415065344
Created by perlbanger

Duct Tape Bumper

car bumper duct tape - 6836515072
Created by Unknown

I Think It Comes From the Factory Like That

car hood hood duct tape bumper - 6877127168
Created by Unknown

Hang On, Pizza! It's Going to Be a Bumpy Ride!

duct tape motorcycle pizza pizza box - 6394386176
Created by HighProof

No Officer, No Bodies In Here

cars duct tape trunk - 4514142208
Created by Unknown

Have Fun Taking That Off

duct tape Music ouch - 4466193920
Created by Unknown

You Didn't Even Sign His Cast!

animals dual use duct tape - 5286077696
Created by Unknown

$4 for a Pill Box? Bite Me

DIY duct tape funny - 7586466816


alarm clock duct tape speaker traffic cone - 4056340992

Nothing to Worry About

Travel airplanes duct tape funny g rated there I fixed it - 7562280192

A Tarp and White Spray Paint Go a Long Way

car car hood duct tape hood spray paint tarp - 6108180224
Created by 2kittehcommittee

When in Doubt, Duct-Tape!

duct tape water damage window - 6623409152
Created by SillyLittleMe

Two Lefts Don't Make a Right

duct tape faucet plumbing sink - 4577233664
Created by Unknown

Body Shop? What's That?

bumpers cars duct tape - 7153736704
Created by Unknown