There, I Fixed It

duct tape

Better Than a Simple Bucket

duct tape leaks there I fixed it - 7963353856
Via Acid Cow

Perfect Match

side mirror cars duct tape there I fixed it - 7870176256
Via therealsteelman

If It's Microwave Safe, It Must Be Highway Safe

cars driving duct tape headlights - 4442129408
Created by Jeremy S.

They're Still Working on The Detachment Function

boots duct tape shoes skis - 5382327296
Via Full Tilt Boots

If It's Good Enough for the Autobahn, It's Good Enough for Me

bmw bumper duct tape Germany - 6308639232
Created by Unknown

Strapped for Cash?

broken screen duct tape hinges laptop screen - 6147290624
Created by deathert


duct tape minivan protection - 3167398144
Created by Tyler Townsend

Body Shop? The Hardware Store Is More Affordable

car door cars duct tape - 4671168512
Created by Hutch620

Ice Cream Disaster Averted

ice cream duct tape there I fixed it g rated - 7945092608
Created by Unknown


car duct tape mod - 3701025024
Created by Fierke

No pump, No problemp

duct tape fan Kludge mattress - 3778808320
Created by Chris

Tired of Losing the AppleTV Remote in the Couch?

remote apple duct tape g rated there I fixed it - 6997009152
Created by Unknown

No ZIP Disk Available

duct tape funny there I fixed it - 7733124352
Created by capaman

Patchwork Car

cars duct tape funny - 7650938624
Created by Eduards

Duct Tape Car

car car fail duct tape car fix suv - 6716197120
Created by Unknown

Even In Death, He Kept Fixing

duct tape grave - 4196692224

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