There, I Fixed It

duct tape


cars duct tape - 4210359040
Created by SergeantPoptart

I Can't Tell What's More Unstable...

brick duct tape pillar - 6218165248
Created by Unknown

There's a Webcam in There Somewhere!

coffee pot duct tape webcam zip ties - 6234633728
Created by Unknown

Engineering at Its Finest

duct tape - 6673214208


bumper car duct tape headlight - 4184630272


duct tape Professional At Work sign - 3412809216

What Draft?

towels windows cars duct tape there I fixed it - 7865115136
Created by bvolvo19

That Fix is Tight

bicycle duct tape tire wheel - 6095071488
Created by jerzee16

The Fridge Ate My Homework

duct tape locked up refrigerator - 4867034624
Created by Unknown

Your Kids Wonder What They Did Wrong

basketball cardboard duct tape sports - 4407238656
Created by goomba232

Collapsing Coat Rack Saved by Gorilla Tape!

duct tape - 7003835648
Created by Unknown

Interesting Computer Tower fan

cardboard computer repair cooling duct tape fan - 4766535680
Created by Unknown

Stow And Go Hygiene

bathroom duct tape sink - 2912926464
Created by Bexcina

When Your Wireless Mouse Receiver Doesn't Quite Fit

laptop duct tape funny there I fixed it - 7799101952
Created by wat
duct tape g rated there I fixed it - 48685825

How to Use Duct Tape to Open a Tightly Sealed Jar

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Fixed the Windshield AND Got New Customers!

cars windshield duct tape funny there I fixed it - 7725404160
Created by Username_666
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