There, I Fixed It

duct tape

Engineering at Its Finest

duct tape - 6673214208
Created by Unknown

Knee Knocker no more!

clever duct tape Office Professional At Work - 4474580736
Created by stormcr0w

How to Retrieve Objects That Fall Behind Furniture

duct tape belt there I fixed it - 7824932864
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Body Shop? The Hardware Store Is More Affordable

car door cars duct tape - 4671168512
Created by Hutch620

Guaranteed For 30 Days or 30 Pounds...

shelf duct tape funny there I fixed it - 7788756736
Created by beernbiccies

Duct Tape Might Have Matched Better

packing tape motorcycle duct tape - 6738699776

They Don't Pay Him Enough to be an Artist

bathroom cardboard duct tape Professional At Work - 5770951936
Created by qjuantum

Duct Tape: 1, Steppe: 0

shoes duct tape there I fixed it - 7717804544
Created by Guido

It Could Use a Lampshade

cords duct tape funny - 4136941312
Created by aphexZero

No One Likes a Spineless Book

books duct tape bacon there I fixed it - 7868378112
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No, No, Shiny Side In

cars dangerous duct tape tires wheels - 4600227328
Created by smokyburnout

Haute Couture

duct tape - 7039934720
Created by Nir


chairs duct tape Kludge waterproof - 3699594240
Created by Unknown

Mailbox Slammed By a Palm Tree?

mailbox there I fixed it duct tape g rated - 7854331648

It's Waterproof, Right?

duct tape funny there I fixed it shower - 7722193152
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Winterizing With Duct Tape

hoses pipes duct tape - 6704684032
Created by M3495605
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