There, I Fixed It

duct tape

That Fix is Tight

bicycle duct tape tire wheel - 6095071488
Created by jerzee16

Couldn't You Have at Least Used Duct Tape?

cooling duct tape fan rubber band - 6330037248
Created by Dylan


batteries duct tape there I fixed it wire - 7954745856
Created by ariled


alarm clock duct tape speaker traffic cone - 4056340992
Created by Unknown

Broken Tiles? No Problem!

duct tape garbage bags shower there I fixed it - 7894930688
Created by raecarrow

Interesting Computer Tower fan

cardboard computer repair cooling duct tape fan - 4766535680
Created by Mary

At Least It Fits the Color!

duct tape car fix car fail - 6671297792
Created by Zoohelter

If You Ever Cover a Scratch With Duct Tape...

cars duct tape funny there I fixed it - 7824948992
Via elenabearr

$4 for a Pill Box? Bite Me

DIY duct tape funny - 7586466816
Created by Unknown


cardboard box duct tape speakers stereo - 3228049920
Created by Unknown

Well This Building Seems Up to Code

walls duct tape - 7155489280
Created by Unknown


duct tape sharpie warning - 3239874560
Created by Unknown

Undergraduates Hard at Work

duct tape funny there I fixed it - 7787560704
Created by Greg F

I Wasn't Aware That You Could Use Car Parts to Hold Duct Tape Together

parking lots car repair duct tape - 7353111808
Created by Unknown


cars defrost duct tape vent - 5617742592
Created by Unknown

Frankenstein Solenoid of Sorts

duct tape frankenstein engine car engine - 6666956288
Created by Unknown
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