There, I Fixed It

dual use

Green Thumb Doesn't Wash Off

dual use hose plumbing shower - 4510883328
By Adrian Garner

How To Open Up New Tabs

dual use mouse office supplies - 5483987200
By Unknown

MacGyver Goes on Vacation

charger dual use electronics macgyver - 5591980544
By anewman

1995 Was Having a Great Deal on Microphones

computer dual use microphone Office - 4977196544
By Elisson

Electric Window Defroster

defrost dual use ice outlet winter - 5558199040
By Leigh

Easy Access Case Upgrade

cardboard case mod computer repair dual use - 5368370944

When It's Only a Little Hot

computer repair dual use fan - 4914385664
By Bertrand

This is Knot Going To Help You

dual use emergency Professional At Work switch - 4768655616
By Scott

Thank God For Thrift Stores

couch dangerous dual use swing - 4670232320
By Unknown

Wanted a Pickup

dual use its-a-truck-now pickup - 4702578944
By wendidking

Paper Strikes Again!

cars dual use paper wtf - 5798182656
By flpimpn


cars dual use Pirate wheel wtf - 4778543872
By Unknown

In 3 Brilliant Colors!

computer repair dual use paperclip - 5004000000
By dspereira

Double Strength Stovetop

bbq coal cooking dual use - 4316217344
By Unknown

The Last Dustbin You'll Ever Buy

clever dual use garbage Hall of Fame not a kludge trash - 5311561472
Via Brendan Ravenhill

House of Pain

crutches dual use holding it up home improvement Shaky Support Systems - 5327809024
By Unknown
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