There, I Fixed It

dual use

Some Things Aren't Worth Fixing

dual use electricity frankenstein lamp wtf - 4510535168
Created by Unknown


broom dual use rake yard work - 3970716416
Created by isnotfunny

Now Where Did They Find That Net?

dual use ping pong - 4749466368
Created by Renzo

This Helps With Forever Naptime

bag dual use - 5795054336
Created by el.carl2

Tapping A Data Line

alcohol beer computer repair dual use keg tap - 4698900736
Created by Snake73

Muffin Clip

belt clothes dual use holding it up - 5043419392
Created by Unknown


dual use fork home improvement utensil - 4834559488
Created by HHerbert

MacGyver Goes on Vacation

charger dual use electronics macgyver - 5591980544
Created by anewman

National Geographic Has Some Great Fixing Ideas

cable dual use toothbrush wire - 4872738816
Created by pinhead

leaky plumbing

dual use recycle toilet water bottle - 5269082112
Created by grrrr

He Got The Idea From His Skate Park

cars dual use welding - 5016212992
Created by Aaron Anderson

Double Strength Stovetop

bbq coal cooking dual use - 4316217344
Created by Unknown

The Best Use For a Mac Yet!

Apple product computer dual use food laptop - 4799784192
Created by Unknown


bread dual use food Hall of Fame toaster wtf - 5054595072
Created by Unknown


dual use fridge storage vintage - 4031517184
Created by allmotor

Another Way To BBQ With Beer

bbq beer dual use holding it up - 4991673088
Created by Marcelo
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