There, I Fixed It

dual use

The Call Is Coming From Inside the House

cable drapes dual use phone - 4436480256
By Unknown

Proper Support is Key

dual use holding it up keys umbrella - 5138155520
By silvalen

All War Really Is...

chess dual use military war weapons - 4860527104
By pedretta (Via

What To Do With Your New Nickelback Album

cars CD dual use - 5440135936
By Unknown

It's Never Okay To Cry

cooking kludge dual use helmet - 5389831680
By Unknown

Maybe You Should Have Put The Sticker On Earlier

cars dual use lights sticker - 5425952512
By pissusmymissus

The Stopper Was Broken.

bathroom dual use Nailed It plumbing stopper tools - 4745795840
By Unknown

Who Said Surfing Was Hard?

dual use sports wtf - 4494983168
By SR1977 (Via

Kitchen Entertainment System

computer repair dual use laptop - 4623766016

Balkan BBQ

bbq dual use food - 5097652480
By Unknown

Everything's A Good Idea Before You Switch To Decaf

coffee dual use holding it up Professional At Work - 5199336448
By h2obaby

Lego My Valve!

dual use lego safety first tires - 4958076928
By stejep

The Most Helpful Hitchhiker

atv chores dual use lawnmower - 4896612096
By Beastro (Via

Earthquake Insurance

dual use holding it up tape - 5156264192
By Unknown

Garage Infestation

dual use garage door mouse technology - 4291067904
By fabioferrero


barbecue bathroom dual use port a potty smoker - 4181157120
By rigormorticia
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