There, I Fixed It


He Really Drilled That One

cooking dual use kitchen kludge sports - 5007845888
Created by usaeagle

Without Cleaning Toaster First, Get Broken Toaster

clever cooking dual use not a kludge toaster - 5295612416
Via Tastefully Offensive

That Faux Cardboard Is Really Catching On

cardboard cooking Hall of Fame kitchen kludge stove - 5397016576
Created by BigWhiteGuitar


coffee cooking iron - 4192757248
Created by Unknown
apple apple products cooking Hall of Fame kitchen laptop mac macbook Video - 25465089

What Else Are You Going To Use It For?

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Oh Yes, You Wouldn't Want to Ruin That Delicious Looking BBQ

bbq cooking umbrella wtf - 4863633920
Created by Unknown

Cooking Under Pressure

cooking kitchen spatula - 6331146496
Created by Smithers


candles cooking fire kitchen kludge - 4717688576
Created by Unknown

These Staycations Are Really Getting Out of Hand

cooking dangerous fire kitchen kludge safety first stove - 4799895808
Created by jazz98

101 Uses for Rebar #34

barbecue bbq cooking food rebar wtf - 4594665984
Created by Unknown
clever cooking DIY soda can Video - 14244353

Hobo Stove in Action

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cooking Video wtf - 32056321

Indoor Cast Iron Campfire Cooking

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Corn in The Cooler

cooking cooler corn not a kludge - 5531224064
Via Bon Appetite

How to Turn a Pig

there I fixed it cooking g rated - 7921447936
Created by Unknown
cooking drill kitchen manly power drill Video - 41623041

Cook the MANtastic Way!

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