There, I Fixed It



bbq cooking shopping cart - 4150550528
By Unknown

No Wonder My Pizza Always Turned Out Wrong

cooking food kitchen kludge wtf - 4388176384
By Dmitriy

You Always Forget 1 Thing When Camping

camping cooking dual use food plastic - 4961790208
By Unknown

Yet Another Advantage of PCs

computer cooking pizza wtf - 5688281856
By Unknown

101 Uses for Rebar #34

barbecue bbq cooking food rebar wtf - 4594665984
By Unknown

Oh Yes, You Wouldn't Want to Ruin That Delicious Looking BBQ

bbq cooking umbrella wtf - 4863633920
By Unknown

Hot AND toasty...

cooking dual use hotel - 5271419648
By drivinglights

Portable Hot Dog Zapper

cooking electricity food wtf - 5562770688
By Unknown


cooking electricity hot dog - 4077644032
By Unknown

Sorry Sir, Pan Handling Is Illegal

bad puns cooking dual use kitchen - 5711411200
By alroger


bbq cooking plant - 4133139200
By Unknown

Still Better Than Room Service

coffee machine cooking dual use food hotel - 5384528384
By Kdawg

Double Strength Stovetop

bbq coal cooking dual use - 4316217344
By Unknown

Grilled Cheese Gun

cooking dual use kitchen kludge - 5344273408
By Creedo67

Quick [h]eats

cooking iron pizza - 5613712896
By el.carl2

Porking Fantastic

barbecue cooking dual use - 5208810240
By garfield