There, I Fixed It


Hot AND toasty...

cooking dual use hotel - 5271419648
By drivinglights

Quick [h]eats

cooking iron pizza - 5613712896
By el.carl2

Nothing More Patriotic Than Double Barbecues

barbecue cooking food Inception - 5181410816

There, I Cooked It

cooking web comics - 7339050240
By Amber_CM (Via Poorly Drawn Lines)

Homestyle Cooking

cooking fireplace Hall of Fame spit - 4372534016
By Unknown

Corn in The Cooler

cooking cooler corn not a kludge - 5531224064
Via Bon Appetite

Without Cleaning Toaster First, Get Broken Toaster

clever cooking dual use not a kludge toaster - 5295612416
Via Tastefully Offensive

Helps With Trimming The Fat

cooking drill dual use frankenstein Hall of Fame kitchen kludge scissors - 4550477056
By Morakot (Via
apple apple products cooking Hall of Fame kitchen laptop mac macbook Video - 25465089

What Else Are You Going To Use It For?

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No Wonder My Pizza Always Turned Out Wrong

cooking food kitchen kludge wtf - 4388176384
By Dmitriy


coat hook cooking not intended use - 3312262656
By Unknown
cooking drill kitchen manly power drill Video - 41623041

Cook the MANtastic Way!

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Portable Hot Dog Zapper

cooking electricity food wtf - 5562770688
By Unknown

Kooking at the Kollege of Kludging

cooking frying pan - 6062256896
By Unknown

Studying The Wrong Kind of Java

cooking dual use iron - 5364278016
Via Reddit

Nothing Like That Morning Cup Of Spaghetti

clever coffee pot cooking g rated noodles there I fixed it - 5943237632
By Unknown
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