There, I Fixed It


There, I Cooked It

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Created by Amber_CM ( Via Poorly Drawn Lines )

Portable Hot Dog Zapper

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Created by Unknown

Cooked to Perfection

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Created by Unknown

Engineers Can Fix Anything, Right?

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Created by Noah Cue

Throwing a Spanner in The Plans

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Created by Unknown

Hot Dog Immersion Cooker

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Created by Unknown

Homestyle Cooking

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Created by Unknown

Hot AND toasty...

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Created by drivinglights
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Mad Science Monday: Cooking With Thermite

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You Always Forget 1 Thing When Camping

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Created by Unknown
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What Else Are You Going To Use It For?

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Created by el.carl2

Solution to "A Watched Pot Never Boils"

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Created by Unknown


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Created by Stevedale

Flood Defense Goulash

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Created by Unknown

Still Better Than Room Service

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Created by Kdawg