There, I Fixed It

computer repair

Screw<strike>less</strike>this Design

computer case computer repair - 5806561280
By TechCompany

I Think This Is Supposed to Be Over WASD

computer parts computer repair keyboard video games - 4569816832
By J_T_dubyah

When You Can't Find The Right Cable, Make Your Own

cables computer repair laptop tape - 4921334784
By Joshua
computer repair hard drive Video wrench - 18560769

Quite Possibly The Most Perfect Fix of All Time

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At Least You're Honest

adapter computer repair USB wtf - 5091996672
Via Reddit

I Feel Like That May Get In The Way

Apple product computer repair fan keyboard laptop - 4696331264
By Unknown

Any Design Can be a Screwless Design

computer repair dual use - 4322748672
By HyperHacker

Kitchen Entertainment System

computer repair dual use laptop - 4623766016

This is a RAID

case mod computer repair technology - 5129492224
By HagerDeath

Process(or) Engineering

computer repair g rated Hall of Fame neat not a kludge there I fixed it wtf - 5869112064
By Unknown

At Least It's Got Plenty of Airflow

computer case computer repair - 4564211456

CPU Holiday Resort

computer case computer repair dual use Hall of Fame - 5088662272
By 93dt

Winner of The Kludgiest Case

cardboard computer repair fire hazard laptop - 4577750272
By Unknown

I'm a Huge Fan of Duct Tape

bad puns computer repair duct tape gpu - 4841828352
By smkfin

He Did It For The Owl

computer repair cooling laptop - 4469364992
By Sara

The Best Way To Fix Overheating

computer repair cooling hose wtf - 5285011200
By Unknown