There, I Fixed It

computer repair

Perfect For The Heat Wave!

computer repair dual use fan - 4986816512
Created by Unknown

This is a RAID

case mod computer repair technology - 5129492224
Created by HagerDeath

In Kludging, There Is No Try

computer computer repair it-fits PC - 4805422848
Created by SR1977 ( Via )

At Least You're Honest

adapter computer repair USB wtf - 5091996672
Via Reddit

Our Love Can Never Be

case mod computer repair duct tape psu - 5466966528
Created by SatCom

Custom PC Building, Not For Everyone

computer repair dangerous PC power supply psu - 4773475072
Created by an old lemur

Foiled Again By Ebay

apple products computer repair laptop tape - 4776547584
Created by Jlensher

I Feel Like That May Get In The Way

Apple product computer repair fan keyboard laptop - 4696331264

He Did It For The Owl

computer repair cooling laptop - 4469364992
Created by Unknown
cleaning computer repair Hall of Fame Video - 33938433

How to Clean Your Laptop

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Completely Out of The Way of Feet

computer repair Hall of Fame holding it up lego - 5694286080
Created by xenobuzz

Proper LAN Party Party Attire

computer repair neat not a kludge organization poll - 5365012480
Created by Mr_iT

Also Functions as a Screen Protector

computer repair laptop tape - 5588782080
Created by Unknown

Better For Your Back, Worse For Your Credibility

computer repair computers desk dual use holding it up - 5344736768
Created by FernandoTheOcho ( Via )

Not The Ventilation He Had In Mind

computer computer case computer repair dual use vent - 5147994624
Created by nin10doklown

The Best Way To Fix Overheating

computer repair cooling hose wtf - 5285011200
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