There, I Fixed It

computer repair

Better For Your Back, Worse For Your Credibility

computer repair computers desk dual use holding it up - 5344736768
Created by FernandoTheOcho ( Via )

This Is Not How You Get Rid of Errors

computer repair FAIL hard drive wtf - 4553940480
Created by n3n0n3n

I Would Have Gone With a Hacksaw

careful computer repair keyboard - 4689190400
Created by mikestamper

I Think This Is Supposed to Be Over WASD

computer parts computer repair keyboard video games - 4569816832
Created by J_T_dubyah

Ring For Service. No Answer? Do It Yourself.

computer repair computers door bell dual use - 4791516672
Created by Danee306


computer repair dual use electronics flashlight laptop - 5396074752
Created by Unknown

You Can Go Bigger

computer fan computer repair fan overkill - 4675337984
Created by Unknown

2-For-1 Fix

computer computer fan computer repair dual use fans laptop lego - 4792158208
Created by drimacoustic

Good Thing You Had a Mobo in Your Pocket

bathroom computer repair electricity lights - 5672551936
Created by Eddiie

Dubstep in a Nutshell

computer repair laptop - 5378469120

I Expect All of You To be Browsing This Way

computer repair computers keyboard laptops - 4598078464
Created by Unknown

The Best Way To Fix Overheating

computer repair cooling hose wtf - 5285011200

Akin To a Sex Change

CD computer repair technology wtf - 5302370560
Created by Unknown

Caffeine Free Hub

aluminum computer repair soda can USB - 4543541760
Created by Razor512

Scumbag PSU

computer repair cooling Office Professional At Work - 5584393728
Created by Unknown

In Kludging, There Is No Try

computer computer repair it-fits PC - 4805422848
Created by SR1977 ( Via )
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