There, I Fixed It

computer repair

Ring For Service. No Answer? Do It Yourself.

computer repair computers door bell dual use - 4791516672
Created by Unknown

Flammable Case Mod

cardboard computer case computer repair - 5247646208
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Caffeine Free Hub

aluminum computer repair soda can USB - 4543541760
Created by Razor512

This Is Not How You Get Rid of Errors

computer repair FAIL hard drive wtf - 4553940480
Created by n3n0n3n

Kitchen Entertainment System

computer repair dual use laptop - 4623766016
Created by TGJ

Good Thing You Had a Mobo in Your Pocket

bathroom computer repair electricity lights - 5672551936
Created by Eddiie

Must Be a Barebones Kit

2x4 computer repair duct tape laptop - 5006298880
Created by Stephen Hamilton

When It's Only a Little Hot

computer repair dual use fan - 4914385664
Created by Bertrand
computer repair hard drive Video wrench - 18560769

Quite Possibly The Most Perfect Fix of All Time

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Process(or) Engineering

computer repair g rated Hall of Fame neat not a kludge there I fixed it wtf - 5869112064
Created by Unknown

I Feel Like That May Get In The Way

Apple product computer repair fan keyboard laptop - 4696331264
Created by Unknown

Worst of Both Worlds

computer repair laptop monitor - 4780078336
Created by TavoT

He Did It For The Owl

computer repair cooling laptop - 4469364992
Created by Sara

Flash Drive Fix-it

computer repair USB - 4592564992
Created by darron
computer repair Hall of Fame neat not a kludge Video - 34004225

But Why is The RAM Gone?

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In 3 Brilliant Colors!

computer repair dual use paperclip - 5004000000
Created by dspereira
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