There, I Fixed It


No Money Left For Accessories

Apple product cardboard ipod - 4401502464
Created by RandyTheBrave

Hey Buddy, Whatcha Watchin' Big Guy?

cardboard computer g rated Hall of Fame monitor there I fixed it TV - 6308313344
Created by Unknown

Wind, Schmind. It'll be FINE.

car window cardboard packing tape rear window - 4421755904
Created by Ryuusei

McDonalds: I'm Fixin It

cardboard McDonald's Professional At Work tape - 5534218240
Created by Furanku

Who Needs the DMV?

license plates funny cardboard there I fixed it trucks - 7821947392
Created by Jaysie

We Want to Talk, But Not Look

bathroom cardboard toilets wtf - 4451468032
Created by johnclayton
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