There, I Fixed It


Just Toss It Out When It's Obsolete

cardboard fire hazard neat - 4688352768
Created by Snake73

Emergency Medical Patch

cardboard cars tape wtf - 4497407232
Created by Unknown

Yeah, It's Basically a Drag Racer

cardboard g rated there I fixed it - 6497617920
Created by Unknown

Beware Inadequate Electricians!

cardboard dangerous Professional At Work - 4266176000
Created by Mo

The Owner Will Never Notice The Difference

bicycle cardboard dual use Hall of Fame theft - 5042152704
Created by Unknown

Blends Right In

cardboard tape there I fixed it tiles - 7828290304
Created by El Zabalito

Duct Tape, Cardboard, And Plastic Bottles

plastic bottles duct tape cardboard - 6854546176
Created by themna

"Darnit, They Have One of Those New Fangled Systems. Better Rob the Next House."

funny cardboard g rated there I fixed it - 7579233792
Created by Unknown

Chimney Fix

cardboard chimney flammable Kludge - 3932169216
Created by Shaetano

Sidewalk Repair

drains sidewalks cardboard - 7155954176
Created by Les

Mad Science Monday: You'll Never Guess Where They Keep The First Aid

cardboard computer case computer parts dangerous fire hazard - 4473173504
Created by jaceherman

Instant Drywall Repair

cardboard Professional At Work - 4472976128
Created by Unknown


camera cardboard duct tape Professional At Work - 3527829760
Created by Unknown

McDonalds: I'm Fixin It

cardboard McDonald's Professional At Work tape - 5534218240
Created by Furanku

Winner of The Kludgiest Case

cardboard computer repair fire hazard laptop - 4577750272
Created by Unknown


cardboard drawer - 4183677440
Created by Unknown