There, I Fixed It


TIFI WIN: The Kids' Backyard Drive-In Movie

backyard cardboard Hall of Fame kids theater - 6189560576
Via Recyclart

Roger BROverlord, Cardboard Tank 2-7 Inbound

cardboard - 6356866304
Created by Unknown


cardboard computer fan - 4190314752
Created by Unknown

All it Needs is Some Cat Hair Brush Attachment

cardboard cleaning neat vacuum - 5835415296
Created by Everton

Cardboard Shielding

repairs bikes cardboard there I fixed it - 7845734912
Created by Michael Thomas

Make Sure the Seal is Tight

cars plastic wrap funny cardboard there I fixed it - 7734690048
Created by Järmes

Sometimes You Don't Even Have Duct Tape

windows cars cardboard there I fixed it - 7871290880
Created by Unknown

Blends Right In

cardboard tape there I fixed it tiles - 7828290304
Created by El Zabalito

It's Taken Its First Hostage!

cardboard grocery store Professional At Work refrigerator - 4591649792
Created by Unknown


cardboard mp3 player recycling-is-good-right use what you have - 3031318784
Created by Unknown

TV Like New!

cardboard TV - 6553428736
Created by michaelhb

I Hate Getting Boxed In

bad puns cardboard cars trunk - 5182710272
Created by Unknown

Sidewalk Repair

drains sidewalks cardboard - 7155954176
Created by Les

Who Needs the DMV?

license plates funny cardboard there I fixed it trucks - 7821947392
Created by Jaysie

"Darnit, They Have One of Those New Fangled Systems. Better Rob the Next House."

funny cardboard g rated there I fixed it - 7579233792
Created by Unknown

Cardboard and Cable Ties

bicycle bike cardboard there I fixed it fender funny - 7719947264
Via therumpusroom