There, I Fixed It


Laptop Repair Level: College Student

box cardboard cardboard box college student g rated laptop there I fixed it - 6134077184
Created by Unknown

The First A/C Prototype

ac air conditioner cardboard duct tape - 4513642496
Created by jaceherman

Hat Extension Prototype

cardboard clothing dual use hat - 5764473600
Created by Cody

What Do You Mean? Looks Like a Great Fix To Me!

cardboard cars windows - 5064766464
Created by Unknown

Wind, Schmind. It'll be FINE.

car window cardboard packing tape rear window - 4421755904
Created by Ryuusei


cardboard computer desk Office overkill recycling-is-good-right - 3723532544
Created by Unknown

Empty Case of Beer = Fixed Windshield

pickup truck windshield duct tape funny cardboard there I fixed it - 7746171904
Created by Lenore Brown

You Can Tell It's Overheating When The Fire Starts

cardboard computer mod recycling-is-good-right - 3590530560
Created by Unknown

Raise the Roof!

cardboard roof ventilation - 6225213440
Created by flatcatbob

Flammable Case Mod

cardboard computer case computer repair - 5247646208
Via Reddit

What a Beautiful Window!

cardboard door doorknob window - 6306445312
Created by generalchaos

The Owner Will Never Notice The Difference

bicycle cardboard dual use Hall of Fame theft - 5042152704
Created by Unknown

Take Away the Resources, and the Most Resourceful Reveal Themselves

cardboard chair - 6158561792
Created by chrisdcjr

We Want to Talk, But Not Look

bathroom cardboard toilets wtf - 4451468032
Created by johnclayton

The New Mercedes Town and Country

bad puns cardboard cars - 4448394496
Created by tophtoph


cardboard overkill welding wrench - 3522832640
Created by Unknown