There, I Fixed It


Privacy and/or Cooling Fix

cardboard computer laptop - 4273358848

100% Recyclable Walls

cardboard tape there I fixed it walls - 7995624704
By zackola

It's Taken Its First Hostage!

cardboard grocery store Professional At Work refrigerator - 4591649792
By Unknown

Not The Most Portable HDD

cardboard hard drive portable - 5633566208
By anicakeller

No Money Left For Accessories

Apple product cardboard ipod - 4401502464
By RandyTheBrave

Roger BROverlord, Cardboard Tank 2-7 Inbound

cardboard - 6356866304
By Unknown


cardboard Hall of Fame hole in the wall overkill - 3157908992
By Unknown


cardboard drawer - 4183677440
By Unknown

Take Away the Resources, and the Most Resourceful Reveal Themselves

cardboard chair - 6158561792
By chrisdcjr

Duct Tape, Cardboard, And Plastic Bottles

plastic bottles duct tape cardboard - 6854546176
By themna

Emergency Medical Patch

cardboard cars tape wtf - 4497407232
By Unknown


animals cardboard - 4385904640
By TeoS

Cardboard and Cable Ties

bicycle bike cardboard there I fixed it fender funny - 7719947264
Via therumpusroom

All it Needs is Some Cat Hair Brush Attachment

cardboard cleaning neat vacuum - 5835415296
By Everton

The Owner Will Never Notice The Difference

bicycle cardboard dual use Hall of Fame theft - 5042152704
By Unknown

Sure, You Can Borrow My A/C!

ac cardboard air conditioner - 7055758848
By Travis
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