There, I Fixed It


Problem Solved!

bicycle pizza box bike funny cardboard tape there I fixed it g rated - 7746107904
Created by MarchNero

Now It's Even More Like Delivery

cardboard there I fixed it - 7709493760
Created by Unknown

Garage Door and MORE!

garage garage door cardboard - 6905112064
Created by guitarer

The First A/C Prototype

ac air conditioner cardboard duct tape - 4513642496
Created by jaceherman

Easy Access Case Upgrade

cardboard case mod computer repair dual use - 5368370944


cardboard cardboard box furniture - 4207154432
Created by handyman walla


cardboard iphone speakers stereo - 5601224960
Created by thatsparker

Budget Cuts Can Hit Hard

budget cuts cardboard license license plate - 6331720960
Created by Jose Quervo


animals cardboard - 4385904640
Created by TeoS

Sometimes You Don't Even Have Duct Tape

windows cars cardboard there I fixed it - 7871290880
Created by Unknown


cardboard computer desk Office overkill recycling-is-good-right - 3723532544
Created by Unknown

All it Needs is Some Cat Hair Brush Attachment

cardboard cleaning neat vacuum - 5835415296
Created by Everton

Hey Buddy, Whatcha Watchin' Big Guy?

cardboard computer g rated Hall of Fame monitor there I fixed it TV - 6308313344
Created by Unknown

Take Away the Resources, and the Most Resourceful Reveal Themselves

cardboard chair - 6158561792
Created by chrisdcjr

No Money Left For Accessories

Apple product cardboard ipod - 4401502464
Created by RandyTheBrave

The Kludger's Craigslist

windows cars Kludge duct tape cardboard there I fixed it - 7882396160
Created by SisterSestina
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