There, I Fixed It

car fail

Just Like New

car hood car fix car fail toyota - 6949538560
By milkwasaterriblechoice

Objects in the Mirror May Be Dumber Than They Appear

car fail mirror - 5868925184
By flpimpn
car fail engine Video - 34896385

Let 'Er Rip!

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Can't Tell if Car or Toolshed

car door car fail car fix corrugated steel siding - 6401114624
By therealsonic (Via Strange Cosmos)

Always Wear Your Belt When Driving!

belt bumper car fail car fix seat belt - 6577916928
By antp

Zombieproofing the Family Car

zombie suv car fix car fail steel corrugated steel - 6685332992
By Unknown

Bucket Seat?

car fail car seat - 5971815680
By djrcreative

50 Percent of the View, 200 Percent of the Cool

car fail car fix duct tape mirror - 6205625600
By Beau Blithe

As Seen at a McDonalds Drive-Thru

car audio car fail car fix car stereo speakers stereo - 6489357568
By Daniel

It's a Car of Many Colors

car fix car fail - 6659682816
By Unknown

Going Green

car bumper wooden bumper car fail bumper - 7094245376
By Rafa

Extra Headlights

headlights car fix car fail - 6626011904
By Lestopher

No Masterlocks Will Touch These Doors!

car fix car door door lock car fail masterlock - 5865634816
By Chris Payton

My Muffler's Seen Better Days

car car fail car fix exhaust muffler - 6428602624
By Driving Around

The iSpoiler

mac apple computer stand rear spoiler spoiler car fix car fail - 6656569088
By Unknown

Redneck Rear Air

air conditioning car fail fan - 6003259392
By simmonsmommy