There, I Fixed It

car fail

Bump It Up!

bumper california car bumper car fail car fix - 6201864704
By VaVaVa Gina

Extreme Tricycles

car car fix car fail tricycles - 6653027328
By Unknown

It's Got a Few "Extra" Options Installed

car fail car fix geo metro - 6384883712
By Robby

There Are Soft-Tops, and There's This...

car fail car fix convertible electricians-tape soft-top tape - 6440746496
By flscott

Oh, He Flew the Coop All Right...

car fail car fix pontiac - 6439654912
By Unknown

Headlight Alignment Was Too Low

car fail duct tape headlight - 5954732800
By gwalter (Via Google+)

Mad Max Called, He Wants His Car Back

texas car fix car fail - 6659233280
By Unknown

Duct Tape Car

car car fail duct tape car fix suv - 6716197120
By Justin K

Need Flares?

truck pickup car fix car fail car hood pickup truck - 6679021568
By Dofter

Cling Wrap Fixes Everything

car fail car fix plastic wrap - 3647432192
By Unknown

Open the Hatches!

sunroof car fix car fail - 6633257728
By Benjamin Saunders


california car fail car fix license license plate texas - 6299474432
By Unknown

Side Mirror Secure

car fix rope mirror car fail - 6976449792
By Hoby

Spoiler Alert:

car fail rear spoiler - 5948152832
By Unknown

Seen Those Red Bull Trucks Driving Around? Well, Here's the GLAD Plastic Bagmobile

car fail - 3648212480
By Unknown


car fail car fix car grill grill - 6464007936
By torsimany