There, I Fixed It

car fail

Going Green

car bumper wooden bumper car fail bumper - 7094245376
Created by Rafa

Seen Those Red Bull Trucks Driving Around? Well, Here's the GLAD Plastic Bagmobile

car fail - 3648212480
Created by Unknown

Extreme Tricycles

car car fix car fail tricycles - 6653027328
Created by Unknown

The Oreomobile

car car door car fail car fix oreo suv truck - 6427986944
Created by kainpwnsu

50 Percent of the View, 200 Percent of the Cool

car fail car fix duct tape mirror - 6205625600
Created by Beau Blithe

Excessive Adhesive

car fail plastic wrap tape - 6144192256
Created by ana789123

Automobile Acne

bumper car car bumper car fail car fix - 6352514048
Created by Adrian

Color Must Be Respected

car fix car fail duct tape - 6923978496
Created by emoraes


car fail car fix car grill grill - 6464007936
Created by torsimany

It's a Car of Many Colors

car fix car fail - 6659682816
Created by Unknown

Headlight Alignment Was Too Low

car fail duct tape headlight - 5954732800
Created by gwalter ( Via Google+ )

Can't Tell if Car or Toolshed

car door car fail car fix corrugated steel siding - 6401114624
Created by therealsonic ( Via Strange Cosmos )


california car fail car fix license license plate texas - 6299474432
Created by Unknown

The Driver's Seat Floor Mat Got a Promotion

car fix car roof car fail - 6933047296
Created by muahahahaheeee

Window? I Don't Need No Stinkin' Window!

car fail car fix tarp tent window windshield - 6533194240
Created by Shannon

The Mercedes' Equivalent Of Dualcore Processing

car fail - 5887746048
Via Izismile
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