There, I Fixed It

car fail

That's for Carrying Cargo, Buddy, Not BEING Cargo!

car fail car fix trailers trailer hitch truck bed - 6527880704

Spot the Kludges

car car fail car fix exhaust roof - 6538114816
By Chris Alan


car fail car fix frankenstein mirror - 6146509568
By shobo81

Window? I Don't Need No Stinkin' Window!

car fail car fix tarp tent window windshield - 6533194240
By Shannon

Automobile Acne

bumper car car bumper car fail car fix - 6352514048
By Adrian
car fix car fail paint job spray paint g rated there I fixed it - 47444993

Romanian Pimp My Ride

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Nope, It Still Needs More Work

car fail car fix - 6507641600
By Cameron

A Lesson in Moving

car fail couch moving - 6457667328
By CaptainKT

At Least You Tried, Buddy

car fail Car Trunk trunk washing machine - 6453271808
By Unknown

The Mercedes' Equivalent Of Dualcore Processing

car fail - 5887746048
Via Izismile

How to Keep the Gas Door Closed on Your Car

car fix gas tank car fail gas cap - 6734795520
By Justin K

80-Dollar Pet Barrier? I Don't Think So!

minivan car fix car fail - 6941663488
By Matt

Needs Moar Canopy

car fix canopy pickup truck car fail - 6862562304
By Greg

Garbage Bags and Duct Tape Can Fix Anything!

car hood car fix subaru car fail duct tape garbage bags - 6723611648
By Sam

I Was Wondering How to Fix My Loose Bumper...

bumper car fail car fix spring - 6423228928
By pertyn

The Mansmobile

car fail car fix car hood duct tape mustache - 6241574912
By sobenson