There, I Fixed It

bad puns

Keep Your Eyes Clean, Not Your Hands

bad puns dual use gloves Professional At Work safety first - 5473329408
Created by dustin.murphy.395

They Really Need To Get a Grip on This Patent

bad puns duct tape holding it up ipod - 5820859904
Created by VLF

Not Quite How Overclocking Works

bad puns clocks motherboard technology - 5559166976
Created by Unknown

I Hate It When My Wood Gets All Cold

2x4 bad puns dual use refrigerator woody - 4882669568
Created by Scruffy

The Best Part of (your bones) Breaking Up

bad puns cast coffee ouch tape - 4496188672
Created by robertmcnabb


bad puns CD dual use food - 4353522176
Created by Unknown

Sorry Sir, Pan Handling Is Illegal

bad puns cooking dual use kitchen - 5711411200
Created by alroger

By Far The Biggest Pile of Wood in the Bathroom

bad puns bathroom holding it down plumbing toiler - 4755890688
Created by Teri

Sir, The Forkifications Are Complete

bad puns fork locked up - 4617257984
Created by stu.collier

I Can't Handle The Ingenuity

bad puns door handle dual use handle - 5362435840
Created by ScottyBillz

The keys to power

bad puns dual use electricity keys safety first - 5309816320
Created by JAmBer

The Sneakiest Ride

bad puns bicycle dual use Hall of Fame shoes - 4512825088
Created by Unknown

So You Can Wash Your (Cue) Balls

bad puns holding it up sink - 5249964800
Created by fraudeath
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