There, I Fixed It

bad puns

They Really Need To Get a Grip on This Patent

bad puns duct tape holding it up ipod - 5820859904
Created by VLF

The Best Part of (your bones) Breaking Up

bad puns cast coffee ouch tape - 4496188672
Created by robertmcnabb

He Doesn't Look Pleased About This Fix

animals bad puns leash rope - 5129660672
Created by Autumn

Rocking Some Solid Beats

bad puns dual use eastern europe tires - 5532380672
Created by Unknown

Putting Up Christmas Lights is Exhausting

bad puns cars christmas lights dual use exhaust pipe holding it up - 4773643264
Created by morenone

Strength In Number Twos

bad puns bathroom kludge dual use pencil security - 4963804928

Sorry Sir, Pan Handling Is Illegal

bad puns cooking dual use kitchen - 5711411200
Created by alroger

Support Your Local Policemen

bad puns dangerous holding it up police precarious Professional At Work - 4492193792
Created by Mike ( Via )

I See a Pew Things Wrong With This

bad puns cars safety first - 5052643328
Created by Unknown

No More Computer Bugs

bad puns computer dual use screen - 5239168256


bad puns home improvement satellite dish - 4253483264

What a Showoff

bad puns door dual use locked up - 4982527488
Created by iizluvhappy


bad puns CD dual use food - 4353522176
Created by Unknown

Missing a Key Component

bad puns lock security zip tie - 5432599552
Created by THomas_Perez

Somebody Blue This Job

bad puns Hall of Fame Professional At Work stupidity - 5206698496
Created by Unknown

I Can't Handle The Ingenuity

bad puns door handle dual use handle - 5362435840
Created by ScottyBillz