There, I Fixed It

bad puns

I Can Handle This!

bad puns cars plumbing tap - 4580995584
By bachaddict

No More Computer Bugs

bad puns computer dual use screen - 5239168256

I Hate Getting Boxed In

bad puns cardboard cars trunk - 5182710272
By Unknown

Keep Your Eyes Clean, Not Your Hands

bad puns dual use gloves Professional At Work safety first - 5473329408
By dustin.murphy.395

A-Tack-ing The Problem

bad puns cars dual use holding it up tacks - 5182774272
By Mary

And Extra Space To Boot!

bad puns cars trunk wtf - 5297582336
By Travistey Travis

The Sneakiest Ride

bad puns bicycle dual use Hall of Fame shoes - 4512825088
By Unknown

An Elaborate Jehovah's Witness Trap

bad puns cars door dual use trucks wtf - 5492857344
By trint99

Money Laundering

bad puns laundry money wtf - 5868206592
Via Dark Roasted Blend

In Case of Emergency, Use The Phone Tree

bad puns dual use green energy phone tree - 4998447360
By NestorMunoz

What a Showoff

bad puns door dual use locked up - 4982527488
By iizluvhappy

Somebody Blue This Job

bad puns Hall of Fame Professional At Work stupidity - 5206698496
By Unknown

Probably About Time to fix The Clock

bad puns clock DIY g rated there I fixed it time - 5566232320
By 52classic

You Spoiled Your Sweet Ride

bad puns cars spoiler woody - 4484068352
By evadsm

The Simplicity Is Killer

bad puns bag dual use umbrella waterproof - 5295749632
By Unknown

I Can't Palet This Fix

bad puns balancing act holding it up Professional At Work - 4495549952
By Unknown