There, I Fixed It

bad puns

I See a Pew Things Wrong With This

bad puns cars safety first - 5052643328
By Unknown

A-Tack-ing The Problem

bad puns cars dual use holding it up tacks - 5182774272
By Mary

Missing a Key Component

bad puns lock security zip tie - 5432599552
By THomas_Perez

Fixing Under Pressure

bad puns dual use kitchen kludge zip ties - 4762589696
By Jimmy D


bad puns home improvement satellite dish - 4253483264

Probably About Time to fix The Clock

bad puns clock DIY g rated there I fixed it time - 5566232320
By 52classic

I Hate It When My Wood Gets All Cold

2x4 bad puns dual use refrigerator woody - 4882669568
By Scruffy

Brace Yourselves, It's About To Get a Bit Breezy

bad puns dual use holding it up tools - 4926406912
By Unknown

Mayou Hold That Down?

bad puns holding it up kitchen toaster wtf - 4503984384
By marchorowitz

A Discreet Drinking Problem

bad puns drain gutter home improvement wtf - 5116898816
By Unknown

Strength In Number Twos

bad puns bathroom kludge dual use pencil security - 4963804928

I Think This Doorstop is a Lemon

bad puns doorstop holding it up - 4668835840
By Unknown

The Simplicity Is Killer

bad puns bag dual use umbrella waterproof - 5295749632
By Unknown


art bad puns not a kludge - 5324457728
By Unknown

Ha! Your Glasses Suck

bad puns glasses holding it up straw - 4441527296
By Abzy_Fabzy

No More Computer Bugs

bad puns computer dual use screen - 5239168256
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