There, I Fixed It


One Boom Box to Rule Them All

coolers DIY funny - 7590867968
By Moxy5632698

And You Can Still use the Coat Hangers for Steam Cleaning!

DIY funny - 7486384896
By Unknown

He Didn't Pay The Troll Toll

bridge dangerous DIY tax dollars at work - 4998454016
By NestorMunoz

Probably About Time to fix The Clock

bad puns clock DIY g rated there I fixed it time - 5566232320
By 52classic
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Drive it Like You Stole It

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It's Important to Use a Matching Bungee

mirror DIY funny - 3765928704
By Unknown

Get Your Dots Off!

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By Unknown

The Holyest of Books

art books clever DIY - 4458318336
By Unknown

Washers For Sale, Only One Penny!

DIY dual use money tools - 5073321216
By Leitha

Fan-tastic DIY

DIY fans there I fixed it computers - 7871124736
By Unknown

The Brave Little Floor Fan

electrical problems DIY fans - 7482018048
By Gen "X" Rex

Coffee Break! (Broken)

broken clever coffee machine DIY - 5062302720
By Jim

No Such Thing as a Tree Too Big

christmas christmas tree DIY g rated there I fixed it - 5589612288
By Paul Johnson

These Things Were Never Powerful Enough Anyway

battery DIY g rated overkill parenting there I fixed it toys - 5499487744
By Adrian Bonnette
cheese How To DIY food Video - 78744321

With Just a Drill and a Tin Can You Could Make a DIY Cheese Grater

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Slay the Brown Dragons With This Toilet Brush Sword!

DIY g rated there I fixed it - 7153073152
Via Danelli-Armouries