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What Do You Get When You Cross a Raspberry Pi With a SqueezeBox?

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She's Not a Regular Mom, She's a Pacific Cooler Mom

fashion parenting 90s DIY poorly dressed g rated - 7858261248
By Unknown
DIY Video wtf - 12743681


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How To Clean a Record

cleaning DIY glue Music not a kludge - 5195868928
By Unknown

DIY Roof Bars

cars wood funny there I fixed it roof rack DIY - 7812201728
By Serge

String Theory. You Wouldn't Understand.

clock DIY timer wtf - 4368635904
By snafu4685

This DIY Wedgesneakers are Clearly Not Holding Up

shoes fashion DIY there I fixed it g rated - 7847456000
By Unknown

Refill Station

awesome beer DIY keg - 5834109952
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At Least They Covered Most of the Open Wires

DIY funny - 7649658880
By jim

One Boom Box to Rule Them All

coolers DIY funny - 7590867968
By Moxy5632698


dangerous DIY flammable - 4175022336
By Unknown

Not-A-Kludge: Transforming Table

DIY not a kludge table - 4683216896
By Unknown


camera DIY GoPro mount - 5640344832
By reedlawson

DIY Holidays

christmas DIY origami - 5618797824
By Unknown

Would You Play This Guitar Made from Bed Planks?

guitars DIY g rated there I fixed it - 7344587264
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iPhone, SchmiPhone

DIY funny iphone - 7485754624
By Unknown