There, I Fixed It


Inspired by Rainbow Road

cable DIY g rated overkill technology there I fixed it wtf - 5558020096
By Unknown

Not-A-Kludge: Transforming Table

DIY not a kludge table - 4683216896
By Unknown

A Great Way To Connect To Usenet

DIY dual use ethernet internet retro - 5074998784
By venom.obscurus
DIY Video - 49881601

DIY "Operation" Game Using Random Stuff Found Around the House

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DIY: Reclining in the Barrows

clever DIY - 4344238080
By Unknown

DIY Assassin's Creed Blade

DIY g rated neat not a kludge there I fixed it video games YT video - 5719309312
Via Make

If It's a Mountain Dew Bottle, You Don't Even Have to Plug it In

DIY lamp lighting - 4440838144
By Daria


dangerous DIY slide - 4243826944
By Unknown

String Theory. You Wouldn't Understand.

clock DIY timer wtf - 4368635904
By snafu4685

DIY Roof Bars

cars wood funny there I fixed it roof rack DIY - 7812201728
By Serge

The Thief Will Be So Unsafe!

DIY g rated Hall of Fame helmet lock motorbike motorcycle safety security there I fixed it - 3683473408
By Unknown

Washers For Sale, Only One Penny!

DIY dual use money tools - 5073321216
By Leitha
cars DIY jack Video - 15096577

Jack Like a Boss

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clever cooking DIY soda can Video - 14244353

Hobo Stove in Action

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The Brave Little Floor Fan

electrical problems DIY fans - 7482018048
By Gen "X" Rex

Retrofit Your Home

DIY nerdy nintendo poll video games - 4472648192
Via izismile
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