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Build Your Own Flamethrower!

DIY fire guns Hall of Fame not a kludge - 5423515648
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DIY Video wtf - 12743681


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Mom Won't Buy You a Scooter?

scooters DIY funny - 7625903104
Created by Unknown

2x4's Were On Sale

DIY home repair wood wtf - 4577733120
Created by mauser

Is This How Intercoolers Work?

cars DIY g rated plumbing there I fixed it wtf - 5602667776
Created by Kolobok

They Tried Digging Up, Decided Building a Ladder Was Better

DIY ladder Professional At Work - 3627505408
Created by Unknown


camera DIY GoPro mount - 5640344832
Created by reedlawson

Wood You Believe It's Homemade?

cars DIY cab trucks g rated there I fixed it - 7228380416
Created by captainjackrackham

The Brave Little Floor Fan

electrical problems DIY fans - 7482018048
Created by Gen "X" Rex

Retrofit Your Home

DIY nerdy nintendo poll video games - 4472648192
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When You Grow Up, So Does Your Birdhouse

cars dashboard DIY - 5436563712
Created by Unknown
videos DIY - 49135105

Make Your Own Magnetic Super Stapler

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If It's a Mountain Dew Bottle, You Don't Even Have to Plug it In

DIY lamp lighting - 4440838144
Created by Daria

Ghetto Glove Dryer

clever DIY dryer winter - 4400481792
Created by Unknown

DIY Assassin's Creed Blade

DIY g rated neat not a kludge there I fixed it video games YT video - 5719309312
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Oh Hub Cap Tree, Oh Hup Cap Tree

christmas christmas tree DIY dual use g rated Hall of Fame there I fixed it - 5586168576
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