There, I Fixed It


Looks Like The Divorce Turned Out Well For Him

car DIY g rated moving day overkill there I fixed it towing - 5644375296
By Jarod

#2 Desert Drive

DIY dual use mailbox there I fixed it - 4336903168
By Unknown

One Boom Box to Rule Them All

coolers DIY funny - 7590867968
By Moxy5632698

The Brave Little Floor Fan

electrical problems DIY fans - 7482018048
By Gen "X" Rex

DIY: Doortop Stash

clever DIY - 4598599936
Via Make Magazine

Wood You Believe It's Homemade?

cars DIY cab trucks g rated there I fixed it - 7228380416
By captainjackrackham

If It's a Mountain Dew Bottle, You Don't Even Have to Plug it In

DIY lamp lighting - 4440838144
By Daria

Not-A-Kludge: Transforming Table

DIY not a kludge table - 4683216896
By Unknown

Perfect For Twins

bike DIY g rated there I fixed it welding - 5521431296
By Unknown

DIY: Reclining in the Barrows

clever DIY - 4344238080
By Unknown

50 Quick And Easy Do-Yourself...err...Do-It-Yourself Projects

DIY - 5906872320
By Unknown

You Can Take The Man Out of Finland...

DIY wtf - 5631893760
By ryguy178
DIY Video - 49881601

DIY "Operation" Game Using Random Stuff Found Around the House

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These Things Were Never Powerful Enough Anyway

battery DIY g rated overkill parenting there I fixed it toys - 5499487744
By Adrian Bonnette


bad idea DIY - 3058361600
By Unknown

Teenage Dogs, They're All The Same

animals clever DIY ramp - 4472373760
By yonmoore