There, I Fixed It

The Mailbox Just Felt Like it Was Missing Something

mailboxes there I fixed it snowman - 7936518400
Via Pleated Jeans

Post-Op Vansexuals

truck van - 6585357824
Created by Unknown

Fender + Flashlight + Duct Tape = WIN

duct tape fender flashlight motorcycle - 6591282432

By Far The Biggest Pile of Wood in the Bathroom

bad puns bathroom holding it down plumbing toiler - 4755890688
Created by Teri

Pimp My Ride Lite

car drivers-seat stick shift - 6004150784
Via Skull Swap


bathroom Kludge Professional At Work toilet too many - 3992469760
Created by Unknown

Mad Science Monday: Your Guess Is As Good As Mine

Mad Science Monday weird wtf - 4815442688
Created by Unknown

Is This a Prison or a Dorm?

college couch dangerous dorm - 4501309184
Created by Unknown

A Positive Spin Fixes Everything!

signs safety there I fixed it g rated - 7858399744
Created by Unknown

Hoosier Doublewide

roof trailers - 4843080960
Created by Greg

Classic: Dutch Highrise

classic ladder mobile home trailers wtf - 4628073728
Created by Snake73

Ladder in Deruta, Italy

ladders there I fixed it - 7918867968
Created by Unknown

This Idea Doesn't Have a Leg to Stand On

shoes shopping cart - 6720031488
Created by Unknown

Medium Pimpin'

car door - 6261341696
Created by Unknown

Overclocking Over the Edge

computer - 6981564928
Created by Asciicodeplus

We'll Have Warm Buns in No Time

bottles there I fixed it - 7884127744
Created by Blubbernd

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