There, I Fixed It

Swing or Die

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Even Our Doors Are All-Natural!

gate door - 6653888000
Created by Unknown


cigarettes computer parts holding it up - 4268775168
Created by paweusz


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Created by Unknown

Engineering Students, Ready To Move In

cars college dangerous moving towing wtf - 4545207296
Created by eric_c

We Always Thought Mike Was in the Closet

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Created by prometheus1981

Now the New Travel Mug Fits the Coffee Maker

there I fixed it - 7960926720
Created by birdy30 ( Via Cheezburger iOS Builder )

Need More Hooks? Just Put Them on the Door!

funny there I fixed it door - 7788353024
Created by Starfruit Bongwater

Blocked Dish

satellite dish dish - 6925527296
Created by texascableguy

Round Tire, Round Hole. What's The Problem?

contstruction dual use tax dollars at work tire - 5146304768
Created by spacetime10


ceiling fan hole - 4056339712
Created by Unknown

Who Said Surfing Was Hard?

dual use sports wtf - 4494983168
Created by SR1977 ( Via )

A Situation Where Duct Tape ISN'T a Good Solution

gas tank velcro cars screws - 7850884864
Created by elg3

Ingenious Door Holder-Opener? That's the Quick Thinking That Made You Store of the Year!

hangers doors Walmart - 7150866432
Created by opschief0299

Is This What Happens At Spin Class?

bicycle bike dual use sewing - 4815113984
Created by Liz ( Via )
Video wood - 14058241

The Trees Won't Be The Only Ones Losing Limbs

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