There, I Fixed It

Highway Jenga

highway jenga - 5915968768
By travisamills

It Doesn't Make You Look Taller...

Cheezburger Image 3655442688
By Unknown


beer duct tape rain - 3323746560
By Unknown

Are You an Air ConditioNerd?

ac air conditioning binder window-ac - 6398963968
By Jen

Eye See Now!

sunglasses glasses - 7016659968
By katana.1979


car doesnt-work-like-that safety first seat belt - 3295312384
By Unknown

I Don't Want to Get To The Root of This Problem

bathroom nature trees urinal - 4875111936
By pete

That's One Way to Keep Your Car Clean

cars there I fixed it - 7899762944
Via Izismile

Carpenter Used Quick Attack!

Cheezburger Image 6741084160
By marcuto


Cheezburger Image 4021852416
By Unknown

Battlestation Support

box computer desk - 5966990336
By iamomicron

I Can't Heeeeeear You!

horn - 6684111872
By Unknown

Kooking at the Kollege of Kludging

cooking frying pan - 6062256896
By Unknown

Fixing Under Pressure

bad puns dual use kitchen kludge zip ties - 4762589696
By Jimmy D

UPS: Ungodly Pile of Styrofoam

bicycle styrofoam - 5932687360
By el.carl2

It'll Do For Now

utility pole tape there I fixed it - 7874831104
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